How to Spot a Clinger... Before It's Too Late

Some are more subtle than others may be. Some are more obvious than a drunk person pretending to be sober.
We have all encountered one. Or may unfortunately be one. The clinger is a common occurrence due to the many forms of social media, Facebook stalking can now lead to real stalking. Here's how to spot one sooner rather than later.

No. 1

You have one conversation at a pub/club one night. They ask you your name and, immediately add you on every social media platform. Including "Circles".



You engage in some light PDA on a night out. In the morning they have texted you 3 times, added you on Facebook.
Asked when they can see you again, and managed to get your Snapchat. Penis pics and/or duck face ensues.“I look sooo bad this"


Looks like she's just seen a... Penis

When you reply they send 3 more texts about how good the night was. While you are still struggling to put a face to the name.


No. 3

You have successfully managed to escape the one night stand's house. Unfortunately you accidentally gave them your real number. It goes a lil' something like this...

They text,you don't reply.  They call, you don't reply.
They continue to call until you give in. Chatter ensues..
Time to hang up. 8 texts later asking you to be their Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife. It's best to leave the country or fake your own death at this stage.

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Chloe Christie
Article written by
Student at I.A.D.T, lover of the Dangerzone.

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