How To Start Your Bucket List In Your Twenties

Bucket lists are just for old people, right? We've all seen the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, where two terminally ill men with Cancer decide to do everything they have wanted to do before they "kick the bucket." Bucket lists are a great way for anyone to map out what they want to accomplish in life, so they can start living their best and most exciting life. Here are some tips for getting your bucket list off the ground.

The Earlier The Better


The best time to work on your bucket list is now. You have your entire life before you, so why wait to do all those things you've wanted to do until the end if your life? The earlier you start checking things off your bucket list, the longer you get to live having completed some pretty awesome things.

I started my bucket list when I was twelve years old, classic overachiever, but it has given me so much more time to complete the items on it.


Don't Make It Easy


What's the point of a bucket list without a challenge? You can't to do things that will make you a better person, provide memories, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

The first item on the list was to break a Guinness World Record. It took me a few years, but after finding the record I wanted to beat, World's Longest Chain of Bracelets, I got right to it and broke the record. Completing something so difficult from my list first, really motivated me to check the other things off my list. I thought, "if I can complete this seemingly impossible thing, I can do anything."



A Dozen


A bucket list should not have too few or too many goals. With too few, you will complete it too quickly and that sense of accomplishment won't be there. But make it too long, and it will be too intimidating. Sticking to about a dozen goals works for most, but everyone is different. Just be sure it's not too easy or too intimidating.

Be Specific



You want to make your goals easy to understand. Otherwise, if you're not clear, you can cheat yourself. For example, if you simply write something like "I want to travel," there are may ways to interpret this. But, if you write exactly where you'd like to travel and for what purpose, you are more likely to do exactly as you dreamed.


Some Ideas:


Here are some questions to consider when coming up with goals for your bucket list with examples:



-Where have I always wanted to travel?  What would you do? When?


-Example: I want to travel to Australia during the Summer, so I can see the Great Barrier Reef.



-What is a dream you have had since childhood? How can you accomplish it?


-Example: I have always wanted to audition for The X Factor.


-What can you do to help someone else in a big way?



-Example: I will register to become an organ donor.


-What is something outside my comfort zone? Can I do it?


-Example: I want go skydiving, to show I am not afraid.

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