I Need A Dollar: The Best Part Time Jobs For Students

Parents ragging on you to earn some money but you don't want to have to put in the effort? Waitressing and babysitting aren't the only jobs out there. Some require very little effort at all . Whatever your interest there is probably a job that will suit you and your bank balance.

1. Cinema

Love movies, popcorn and discounts? Working at the ticket booth at the cinema is excellent for you. You can have popcorn all day and granted you probably will have to sweep up the floor from time to time you can also sit into the movies when they're on. Win win.

2. Make Up Counter

Love make up and doing people up? Have a passion for the best beauty products and your friends are always asking you to do their make up? Try getting a job at a make up counter. You'd probably get to try out all those products on yourself.


3. Waterboy

Love sports? Try to get the water boy job. You'll get to see all the games, front row centre. If you;re interested in a particular local team get to know their coach and hang around helping out until you're irreplaceable.

4. Fashion Retail

Love fashion? Retail is the way for you. Not only do you get discounts most stores insist on you wearing their products. You're basically a model.


5. Gym

Love fitness? Constantly at the gym anyway? Ask if you could help out the instructors at the weekend. Might get you into the gym free too. You'll probably have to handle the occasional sweaty towel, still not too much effort.

6. Bookshop

Love books? Work in a bookshop. Like working for fashion retail the stores will insist that you know about your products so you'll have to read loads of books but if you like that what can go wrong?

7. Music Teacher

Love music? You're always the one who brings out the guitar at the house party. You've been taking lessons for years and now its time to give back. It will feel like you're jamming but you're getting paid for it!

Orlaith Costello
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Orlaith is a Creative Writing graduate from NUI Galway. Hailing from the low lying fields of Athenry, or at least what’s left of the low lying fields. She enjoys the internet as a means of living vicariously through others from the safe confines of her own bed. She will initiate a dance off after at least two drinks on any given night out.

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