If Your College Was A 90's Girl Band..

DCU - B*witched

Loved by Dubliners the world over (kind of). Say a bad word about them and their big brother (who's a man but for some reason calls himself a boy) will end you..

UCD - The Spice Girls

A diverse line up of everything from sporty to scary, posh to baby...will probably slag the gingers so much that they leave for a while...but will come running back once they get over it. Battling it out for top spot with the TLC girls.

DIT - The Corrs


Extremely talented bunch of ladies but for some reason their brother has an obsession with dating people that look like his sisters, and is a conspiracy theory nut to boot...and isn't a girl..but we don't care.

Trinity - TLC

The best rounded reputation of all our bands. Never too poppy, always too cool. Possibly pipping the Spice Girls to top spot. Just on reputation and legacy.

NCAD - All Saints


By far the most out there girl group (that's right they prefer the term group to band) of the nineties, mixing rap, pop & "R&B"....however don't be fooled as some of their releases were just old stuff with a lick of paint on top (see under the bridge cover), not as dissimilar to other groups as they would like to think.

UL - Atomic Kitten

Kerry Katona was married to Bryan McFadden, who was managed by Ronan Keating in his early Westlife days, Ronan Keating has a songwriting relationship with Limerick's Don Mescall. Phew...for a minute there we thought we were going to have to leave UL off the list.

NUI Galway  - Eternal


A solid unit at first but heads may be turned when the opportunity of becoming a WAG presents itself...most likely to a member of the Galway Senior Hurling team..however the strongest will survive and success will quickly follow..

WIT -  Shampoo

Started off as something a bit different in the Riot Grrrl movement influenced by the Manic Street Preachers ...However they quickly bowed to the mainstream with radio friendly hits like "Trouble". WIT is the name, burshhting bubbles is the game.

UCC - Alisha's Attic

Surprising everyone, they have had more success that one would think compared to other girl bands with them lasting a surprising 11 years. But with such titles as" I am, I feel" and "Alisha rules the world" you can't help but think they were a little self centered.

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