I'll Just Have The Soup Please: The Trials & Tribulations Of Being A Picky Eater

Life is hard for us picky eaters. We spend our time asking for sauce on the side, and "is there mayonnaise on that?" And to be honest, we don't deserve the weird looks we get. So we have very specific tastes, and what?! We just like what we like, and we want to eat what we like. Which isn't a lot. Le sigh. Every picky eater out there will understand the struggles of eating out and here are 17 of them:

1) The feeling of regret when you should have looked up the menu before you picked the restaurant.


You sit down, look at the menu and realise.... you don't really like anything on the menu. Fuck.

2) Everyone asking you is there something you'll eat.


They all know how picky you are and need to make sure you don't have to change restaurants. SHUT UP.


3) Asking the waiter what EXACTLY is in the meal.


Because we all know sometimes they don't say that there's cinnamon and if there's cinnamon I'll bitch slap someone.

4) Asking for the sauce on the side.

And everything else really, who knows what's in the salad, or the secret sauce. Better put it all on the side, just to be safe. I have more control that way.


5) Dissecting your food.

When you get a sandwich and have to open it, investigate and dissect with your knife because you don't know what that green leaf is.

6) Getting a weird look when you ask for something plain.


There's nothing wrong with a plain chicken breast, now LEAVE ME ALONE.

7) Lying and saying you have allergies to avoid the harsh judgmental looks.

It's just makes the whole thing easier and smoother in the long run.

8) People constantly telling you to try things.


NEWSFALSH: I have tried it, and I don't like it. Deal with it.

9) Being the running joke at family gatherings.

They all seem to think it's hilarious that I don't like garlic. HA. Hilarious. LOL.

10) When people can never remember what you don't like.


And you have to go through the whole thing again and hear the same things. For the hundredth time. *Rolls eyes*

11) Having to double check with the waiter that he got your order right.

You seem like you're being picky... well, because you are. And it's annoying sometimes.

12) Bringing the same lunch to school every day.


It's safer that way, who knows what the canteen will sell. *shudders*

13) Only going to places you've tried, tested, and liked.

You rarely try somewhere new because chances are the menu is going to have nothing you'll like. They practically know what your usual order in your favourite restaurant is by now.


14) Feeling rude when you barely eat what's on your plate when you go to someone's house for dinner.

I'm sure it's lovely and everything but I just can't. CAN'T EVEN.

15) Being bad at hiding your face when you don't like something.

There is no way you can hide your expression of disgust if you eat something you don't like.


16) Bringing some safety snacks in your bag.

Just in case. You can never trust chefs. Sneaks.

17) Travelling is scary.

Who knows what type of food they serve, and how am I going to be able to communicate EXACTLY what I want if I don't speak the language?? I'm in a sweat already just thinking about it.

Clodagh McMeel
Article written by
Self-confessed cat lady, Clodagh is known for her sneezing and laziness. She is most often found on the couch or in bed, usually accompanied by her laptop and pizza. When she isn't doing nothing, she studies English and French in Maynooth. But that's very rare.

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