Indonesian Fisherman Finds 'Angel' On Beach- You Won't Believe What It Was...

Residents of an Indonesia village recently discovered what they believed to be an "angel" on a local beach. The human-like creature was described by local news stations as an "angel child". She was found by a fisherman on 19 April, who reported that they heard it falling from the sky. Found covered partially in white cloth, face down and supposedly 'crying' the whole town was really excited about this discovery.


The 21 year old fisherman who made the discovery brought the doll home to his village where it was tended to and fussed over like a real person. Her clothes, including Hijab, were changed daily and she was sat in a chair where locals came to visit her. It was only when word spread around the town that the local police chief came to see for himself and determined that she was in fact an inflatable doll.




"It was checked but despite widespread rumours to the contrary, the doll hadn't fallen from the sky at all, but had instead been dumped off the side of a passing boat... It was a sex toy." said local police chief Heru Pramukarno. They must have been so mortified!

College Times Staff
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