Lazy Girl Hacks: 11 Ways To Open A Bottle With No Bottle Opener

This is probably only thing you own that will go missing after a house party. Sure, you'll accumulate new coats & jackets but what good are they if you can't open a bottle of beer. Here are eight ways you can open a bottle without an opener, thank us later.

 A lighter


The only possible problem with this one is NO ONE EVER HAS A LIGHTER.

Your Teeth



Newton never got around to writing the fourth law but if he had there is a good chance it would have stated that every house party at university will have at least one person who will be able to do this.



First developed for champagne and a sword, this technique to slice the top off a drinking receptacle can also be used for beer. Plus it looks really cool.


Mac Charger


Look, if you're lucky enough to have a mac you should really be able to go out and buy a bottle opener but whatever, not judging.




Rejoice! Finally we have a use for all of these Westlife CD's.



Why didn't we think of this before?


Another bottle


I mean, it just makes sense really.

Park Bench



Literally nothing worse then settling yourself into a nice spot of grass in the park only to realise you have no bottle opener. NOT ANYMORE!



Opening bottles, eating cereal - get yourself a spoon and carry it around.



A symbol that shows true love forever AND a bottle opener? No wonder they made a book about these things.

Aoife Connolly

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