Lidl Have Saved Us All By Announcing 'Hangover Free' Prosecco

Lidl Have Saved Us All By Announcing 'Hangover Free' Prosecco

Our saviours. Our beautiful saviours. They are not the heroes we were expecting to have, but have very much become the heroes we needed.

They have launched a range of organic prosecco that claims to be 'hangover free'. Just let that sink in, 'hangover free'. Now I don't think I'll be the first to say that, not to promote drinking irresponsibly, but for about 90% of the time, the reason I stop drinking most nights is simply out of fear of the hangover. In a way it is our saving grace. Without it. Good god.

The drink contains less sulphites, which are a major factor in why people get hangovers. With less of these pesky little pricks in it, we will hopefully be free to wake up perky and refreshed - excluding the lack of sleep and inevitable shame you will feel from hammering thousands of calories of kebab into your slack, gaping maw.

It is called 'Organic Prosecco Spumante' and is set to be released in the UK this Thursday and will hopefully be released in Ireland before too long.



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Rory McNab

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