Netflix Hacks for the Bingewatcher You Aspire to Be

We know what studying is really like for most people; you make a really good study plan for the first 2 hours, try your best for 10 mins to actually memorise something before clicking into Netflix and settling into a happy 6 hours watching your favourite show. We're not your parents and we here at *College Times Towers* want to enable all your bingewatching needs. Here are our top 5 Netflix hacks:

1) Watching in HD

An easy peasy way to get your kicks watching the sweat roll down Michael Schofield's forehead if you have't done it already. Just follow these steps:

  • Navigate to 'Your Account'
  • Choose 'Playback Settings'
  • Change your Data Usage settings to 'High'

Hit 'Save' and be on your Highly Defined way.

*It's a good idea to only use this feature if you have unlimited mobile data or are using a WiFi connection to avoid a big bill.*

2) Eliminating Buffering

You better believe it people, we've found the secret way to rid the world of its most irritating First World problem: THE BUFFERING. While viewing, do this:

  • Shift+Alt+Left Click (Shift+Option+Click for Mac)
  • Select 'Stream Manager'
  • Manually match up 'Playback' with 'Buffering Rate' i.e. Playback of 1750 should match Buffering Rate 1750

Happy Christmas/Birthday/Hanukah/Eid/Anniversary

3) Keyboard Shortcuts

Because we know how lazy people need to feel when they decide to be a bingewatcher.

Space- Play/Pause    F- Full Screen                                   Up Arrow- Volume Up

Enter- Play/Pause     Esc- Exit Full Screen                        Down Arrow- Volume Down

PgUp- Play                Shift+Left Arrow- Rewind                M- Mute on/off

PgDn- Pause             Shift+Right Arrow- FastForward

4) Watching Netflix From Another Region

You'll know by now that in the UK and Ireland, Netflix has different shows and movies on it than in the US and vice versa. We've also heard of the gold that's on the elusive other Netlfix; the grass is always greener and all that. So if you'd like to experience that so called grass, download the extension 'hola' at It can be downloaded for any browser and sits there in the top right hand corner of your window, allowing you to roam through the Netflix of any region. Best of all, it's free.

5) How to Netflix Without Netflix

These, eh, less legal sites are tricky to find when you don't know what you're looking for, but I've done some extensive research in the area. Sites like http://vodly.to and have pretty much everything and when you choose putlocker, sockshare, and vodlocker links the quality is actually really good. Just download adblocker so you can avoid those pesky pop ups!

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