Nights Out You'll Have In Your First Year Of College

When you go to college first you'll be meeting new people and making the friends you'll have for the rest of you life. No pressure!It means you'll be going out quite a lot and over the course of that first year it's almost inevitable that you'll experience all of these nights out.

1. The New Housemates Night

First night in your new house, dorm-room etc. and you've just met your new roomies. There really isn't a better way to bond than over a good night out and some stories to recap over a shared hangover.

2. The Messy Night

You're comfortable around your new housemates and have made new friends in your course. The natural progression is to let loose and get fucked up. There's no way you didn't have this night in your first year in college. I'm talking not being able to stand, talking utter nonsense and getting sick in the taxi home. It's an important part of college life so embrace the memory loss and ruined clothes.


3. The Sober Pulling Night

You haven't told your friends, but you're taking it easy tonight. You're only having 4 cans for pre-drinks and you're citing an important day tomorrow when you turn down shots. You don't have an important day tomorrow. You're on the pull and you want to keep your game-face on you scallywag! Totally acceptable but if you don't bring anyone home you've had a shit night for nothing!

4. The Unplanned Night

Hands-down the best nights you can have. Something about sporadically abandoning everything and going out is just appealing. Your brain was expecting sanity and sobriety, but you're loaded instead and you couldn't be happier.



Where are we going? Who cares? There's no sense of expectation so unplanned nights have a wild freedom to them that planned nights never do.

5. The Night That Never Was

The night was planned in advance. Everyone goes to a house for pre-drinks, but it was too good. Someone says, "We always say the house party was better fun than the club itself, let's stay!" This is usually shouted down by the hornier end of the group who are mad to grind against young ones until the early hours.


But every once in a while you'll stay in and let the party roll on through the night. Usually, very good nights but the owner of the house will be having a legitimate existential crisis when faced with the scenes of destruction and debauchery the next morning. We're talking sick-water floating at rim height in the toilet, sexed-in beds and the odd contorted half-naked body. Standard.

Jack Cahill
Article written by
Jack is a recent UCD English & Film graduate. He has an uncanny ability to disappear for weeks at a time in order to embrace the introvert within. Between writing,watching films and cursing like a drunk sailor he lives life to the fullest by doing nothing that could be considered interesting in almost any capacity whatsoever.

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