Ireland's First Nudist Beach Is Opening Next Month

Ireland's First Nudist Beach Is Opening Next Month

If you've always fancied letting it all hang loose then now's your chance.

Ireland is set to get its very first official nudist beach next month. Public notices are set to go up at Hawk Cliff in Dalkey Dublin. Not everyone has been impressed with the news. Some are concerned with whether or not the beach will be suitable for children and may attract anti-social behaviour. Others were concerned about whether or not Ireland is the ideal place:

The chosen area has been used for years and Pat Gallagher from the Irish Naturist Society insists they do not intend to cause offense or harm to anybody:

That area has been used for many years, not only with the nudists but also with bathing suit persons, so it has worked very well over the years between the two communities and there have never been any problems. It just indicates to anyone who wouldn't know approaching the area that might be offended by the sight of nude bodies that they may encounter nude bathers when they go into the area. That's all.


If you don't fancy stripping off then you need not worry. Signs will indicate to you that it's a nudist beach and it's up to you whether or not you want to stick around, clothed or nude. According to TV3 News, the signs will read something along the lines of  'nude bathers may be seen beyond this point'. Gallagher explained the reason for :

So for someone reading that, if for any reason they are in fear or distress, at least they will have notification that there may be nude bathers. We have always used the term ‘clothing optional. We simply want to go there, lie in the sun, get in the water, have a swim . . . but we don’t want to wear anything, that’s all.

Be wary though, sand is about to get into all your nooks and crannies.

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