People Are Calling This Sports Illustrated Model Fat & It Is Not Okay

Have you seen Barbara Palvin? She is ridiculously stunning. She's a supermodel with a cv that includes Victoria's Secret, L'Oreal and Sports Illustrated. Not too shabby.


Well Palvin posted a picture on Instagram of her latest feature in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and she looks absolutely incredible.


vote for me maybe to be the Rookie of the year ? @si_swimsuit #siswim

A photo posted by Barbara Palvin (@realbarbarapalvin) on

But for some reason, people have started to body shame her.


I mean, don't even get us started on how that woman could in any way, shape or form be called fat. The comments became so much that Palvin took to her twitter to defend herself.

Preach girl! Thankfully, there's been a huge outpouring of people that are horrified by the fact that anyone would call Palvin 'fat' or that they would have the audacity to comment on someone's weight in the first place.



Palvin is 22 years old and should not have to be subjected to this kind of scrutiny, or 'fat-shaming.' We think everyone can agree that this is beyond ridiculous. No woman should ever be judged for her weight, no matter what. End of. 


Credit: Newsnight.


H/T: ViralThread.


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