Naggin Girl & The Overly Confident Idiot: The People You Meet On The 12 Pubs

The 12 Pubs is the biggest Christmas tradition in Ireland. It consists of a group of people attempting to go to 12 Pubs in one night. They all aim to consume one drink in every pub. As you can guess, it usually ends up pretty messy. There are rules but they usually get disregarded the second people start to get drunk. Here are just a few of the characters you are certain to meet if you embark on this insane tradition.

1. The Naggin Girl.

Sadly, a lot of us can relate to this persona. Those weeks leading up to Christmas can be difficult enough on the pocket, without paying 5 euro in each pub for a pint. Sightings of "The Naggin Girl" are most common underneath tables, behind her friend's backs and in toilet cubicles.

2. The Overly-Confident Idiot.


"Ye didn't pre-drink? I downed five bottles and a jager bomb even before the first pub," he boasts. That smug attitude won't last long though, as he will have to be sent home before pub number three. The twelve pubs is about team-work and making it through, don't be stupid and end up going home early like the over-confident idiot.

3. The Rule Keeper


There's always that one person who continues to embrace the rules, hours after everyone has given up on them. Say if  there's a "Silent Pub," obviously no one is going to stay silent the entire time. The Rule Keeper will go around to each individual person and shout "Haha shot! You're talking you have to drink a shot! Haha!" There's no place for enthusiasm like that here, please leave.

4. Overly Festive Gal


There's always that one girl who spent way too much money on a witty Christmas jumper. She also went and bought Christmas earrings, leggings and boots. Finally, a pair of snowflake glasses and a santa hat. Only to look completely silly, and have them all stolen off her before the end of the night. Her drink of choice for the entire night is mulled wine, and she sings "Fairytale of New York" every time you're between pubs. Bless her.

The Snapchatter. 

If you didn't snapchat the 12 pubs, did you even go to the 12 pubs? This person will spend the night taking photos and videos of each pub that they make it to. Their story will begin with happy, fresh-faced folk and be captioned: "Pub Number 1!" As the night goes on, the photos will get messier and messier. Suddenly at the photo captioned "PUUUBBBBB no. 5," the story ends and the snapchatter starts to actually enjoy their night and put their phone away.

6. The Sensible Drinker


There's always that one person who is either working the next day, went too far on their last 12 pubs, or is just a sensible person in general. They will drink a pint of water in every second pub. They will leave exactly halfway through. Don't worry, they will be able to bring you home after you get sick into your handbag.

7. The Club Advocate

This is one night of the year that you and your friends can just go pubbing, without the pressure of having to go to a club. There will definitely be one person that gets dragged along, but they really want to go to the club that night. They won't say it at the beginning, but they will casually mention the word "club" at any chance. "Here, this place is a bit shite, will we just head to Workman's instead?" NO. No we won't. This is the 12 pubs. Stop mentioning Coppers, please, I beg.

8. The Food Hunter



Never mind the pubs, this lad just wants the Snackbox afterwards. He will deliberately leave at least a tenner in his wallet for the end of the night. Even if it means sacrificing the last few pubs. All he can think about all night is the wondrous meal that is ahead of him.

9. The Winner.

Of course, the 12 pubs isn't really a competition. There's no way of knowing who "won" or "lost." But if you ended up at home, in your own bed, with both of your shoes, most of your belongings, and the majority of your dignity... Congratulations! You've just won the 12 Pubs.


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Áine O'Donnell

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