Perfection Isn't Real: 7 Reasons You Should Be Happy How You Are Right Now

You want a new wardrobe, a new body, a new job, a new boyfriend...shall I continue? But honestly, once you get "new" all of those things, you're going to wish you had something else. We're always convinced that what we have isn't good enough, but what we have is what we have and we might as well try to be happy with it. If new things come along, great, but in the meantime, you should be happy and here's why:

1. Nobody Else Is Or Can Be You Right Now

There's something empowering about the fact that you are the only you. You can't really screw up being you because no one else ever has been you or ever will be you! You make the rules! You have no mould you have to fit into.

2. Mistakes You Made Yesterday Won't Be Remembered A Few Months Or Years From Now

Sometimes we let our mistakes fill our thoughts and we think we're terrible people and we'll never forget that and we'll regret it forever...but we won't. Five months from now, you won't even remember it happened. Okay, okay, so it was a BIG mistake? Then still, five years from now you won't remember it. And if you're going to forget it, it must not have been that big of a deal.

3. Your Body Can Do Amazing Things


So you hate that extra ten pounds on your body that you've been saying you'll lose for weeks, but listen, your body is pretty incredible. Our bodies can scale mountains and dive into oceans. Our bodies literally carry us all of the places we go, and they heal us when we're sick. They produce milk and create humans! Your body is a lot cooler than you give it credit for.


4. You'd Make A Younger You Proud Today

You might not love your job or the place you're living right now, but remember a younger version of yourself who couldn't wait to get out of the house and out on her own. She'd love the job you have right now and the shit apartment you're living in. You may have new aspirations, but be proud that you've reached or succeeded old ones.


5. You Have Sources Of Love In Your Life

Whether it's your mom, your sister, your friend group, or your cat, somebody in your life loves you. Like a lot. And love is something to celebrate regardless of the source! You have someone who wants to hear about your day and spend time with you and wouldn't change you if they could. That's something not to take for granted.

6. People Who Seem Perfect To You Secretly Aren't

Since we're all on social media seeing people post all the exciting shit they do, it sometimes feels like our lives pall in comparison. But people present a front when they're online or behind the screen of their phone. They airbrush, filter, and select the most exciting moments. They don't tell you the baggage that they're carrying or show you the days when they just want to give up. Don't waste time wishing you were someone else when there's likely someone out there wasting time wishing they were you.

7. There Is No Such Thing As Perfect


So this is actually a wonderful thing! The fact that perfection isn't real means you can give up trying to be perfect. You don't have to pretend to be perfect or wonder what it was like to be perfect because no one is or can be. Your job, your love life, your friends - none of them can be perfect. Try learning to love what's perfectly imperfect in your life.


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Casey Schmauder is a third year student at the University of Pittsburgh studying nonfiction writing and psychology, currently enjoying a study abroad in Ireland writing for CollegeTimes and TeenTimes.

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