16 Perfectly Valid Times To Hate People At House Parties

People are annoying. Everyone, at certain points in their life, just get annoyed at the general public. It might be a certain thing that happens over and over again, or just a number of really stupid people come into your life in a relatively short space of time. But it's okay, you're not an asshole, everyone feels this way now and again. Although granted, some more often than others. Here is a list of the times when it is perfectly reasonable to hate everyone in the entire world at the same time.


People Who Take Drinking Games Too Seriously

The one and only point of drinking games to get drunk, and have fun doing it. Anyone who gets too competitive, or too obsessed with the rules of whatever it is that you're playing should be banned until they learn to calm down.


Ridiculously Long Snapchat Stories


You really only suffer from this the day after, when it turns out that one of your friends has a 200 second long story of you making an ass of yourself in some way, whether it be dancing, singing or otherwise.


Vague Facebook Rants That Night/The Morning After

"Ugh, I hate when people you thought you could trust end up stabbing you in the back."

No. You. I hate you.



Uploading 82 Photos The Next Day, 79 Of Which Are Selfies

And not only are there that many selfies, but there might be 4 or 5 different versions of the same photo. People might take a few photos with people to make sure that they get a good one. But it kinds of defeats the purpose when they end up uploading every single one of them.




There's more than one room in this house. If you want to eat the face off each other, please find somewhere more private to do it. Not the couch in the sitting room where everyone's dancing.


Emotional Drunks

This gets exponentially more annoying if the same person cries at every party. You just want to punch these people in the face, give them something to really cry about. Yeah, that's right, I'm a tough guy. Don't mess with me.



People Who Needlessly Break Stuff

Someone has been nice enough to let us into their house to drink, and they'll have enough cleaning up to do without having to replace 15 glasses and plates because people thought it was hilarious to throw them against the wall for no reason.



Joke Stealers

You have a really funny joke, and it's really long and complicated but the punch line is great and you know it'll be worth it. Then, just at the last second, someone who's already heard it swoops in and steals all of the glory.


Double Dippers

No this is not a euphemism for anything dirty. This is simply referring to people who dip tortilla chips or Pringles or something into the salsa, then into the sour cream, then into the guacamole. All of the dips are now mixed together, and the sauce is everywhere and it's just icky.



Girls Who Spend AGES In The Bathroom Just Talking

Or guys. But let's face it, it's almost always girls. This is one stereotype I have no problem standing by. And it becomes infinitely more annoying if you find out that any of the selfies mentioned above were taken while you're kidneys were about to explode on the other side of the door.



Drink Stealers

I'm pretty sure that when God said 'Thou Shalt Not Steal', he was thinking almost exclusively about this situation. And the problem is it's not even illegal, when in fact these people should get 14 life sentences. I don't care if it was just one can of Dutch Gold, it's the principle!


People Who Ask For A Bit Of Mixer And Then Taking Pretty Much All Of It

They think that leaving a tiny bit at the end makes it all okay because it means that they haven't finished it, when it fact that just makes you feel like they're mocking you. And they were polite enough to ask, which makes the betrayal all the more hurtful. And no I don't think I'm being over-dramatic.



Story Toppers

"We went to France for our holidays for two weeks last year and it was amazing."

"That's cool. I went for three weeks."




People Turning Off The Music To Hear Someone Play Guitar

They also tell people to be quiet because apparently everyone has to suffer through this person's rendition of Wonderwall for the 12th time.



People Who Get The Words Wrong When Singing Along

If I wanted to hear someone else sing badly, I wouldn't have thrown that guys guitar out the window.


People Who Change The Song Every Minute

Playing a bad song the whole way through is better than hearing the first minute of three good songs. iPods and speakers should be hidden from view by the host, with a playlist prepared beforehand.


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