The 9 Best Places To Study In Dublin If You're Sick Of The Library

The 9 Best Places To Study In Dublin If You're Sick Of The Library

Sometimes you can't handle sitting in the library. The constantly flow of people, the noise of typing, constantly wanting to talk to your mates even though you know you should be glued to your notes and the feeling of being trapped are all common conditions when you're studying in the library. Fear no more! Here are some of the best quiet study spaces in Dublin that aren't the library:

1. Accents Café - 23 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin 2

Sit in and enjoy a coffee and some freshly baked treats in an idyllic environment with comfy couches and lovely staff. It's a great place to make studying less stressful. They open until 11pm and it's all sofa seating.


2.  Starbucks - 23. St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2


If you can't get into the 24 hour library in Trinity this is the perfect spot to turn to. The coffeeshop is open 24 hours and you have coffee on tap. What more could you ask for?


3. St. Stephens Green - Dublin 2

I know it's outside and I know there's a  30% chance it could be raining (props to the people who get that reference) but it's the perfect spot to sit in peace and quiet and read over your notes or take inspiration from the sprawling foot paths and green space.


4. The Central Hotel / Exchequer (The Library Bar) - Exchequer Street

The beautiful decor is both cosy and inspiring. Have some food and sit down with your books and notes in a space that will transport you into the past. Great place for History buffs!



5. Iveagh Gardens - Clonmel Street

I know it's also outside but it's a great place to chill out before an exam and destress with your notes. Bring a picnic and stay for the day if it's good weather.


6. Costa Coffee (across from Trinity) - Dawson Street


Not only is it in central Dublin it's also a convenient place to hang out and study away from the busy TC library. It's usually pretty quiet during weekdays which is a bonus.


7. Dakota - South William Street

Not at night lads! Sit down, eat lunch or dinner and, perhaps, sip on one drink as you take in that information about that elective you regret choosing. Maybe treat yourself to a few drinks afterwards - actually, don't take our advice!



8. National Botanic Gardens - Glasnevin

Yes, I know, another outdoors one! The gardens are full of interesting places and there are locals cafés for you to sit inside and have a study break. Just imagine walking around after each study power hour and taking in all the interesting plants and outdoor sculptures.



9. IFI Bar and Café - Eustace Street, Temple Bar

Leave the busy Dame street and Temple Bar and walk into this cosy space. The place is pretty open and not stuffy and it's always quiet so you can study undisturbed for hours. Treat yourself to the cinema afterwards. Sure don't you deserve it!



If you have any other recommendations please share in the comment section below.


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