19 Reasons Why Your Work Friends Are The Best

Remember how on your first day of work, you were shitting it? Not only because of the new job, but because of the people. You spent your first few weeks being quiet and polite around everyone, basically not showing them your true freaky self.  Oh, how times have changed. Now you're all kind of one big weird family who constantly have the bants. You never thought the people you work with would end up being your actual proper friends, but they are. Having work friends is better than having normal friends, and here's why:



1) They've seen you in every kind of mood imaginable.

Throughout one work day, you basically turn into about seven different people, and your work friends know and deal with this. They see you from when you're a grumpy ass bitch in the morning, to when you're like a child on a sugar overdose when the two o'clock slump hits. And they still love you.




2) They listen to you bitch about your other friends.

They don't know "the girls", and have had no experience with them. This makes them perfect listeners, because they only hear your side and will always agree with you, because you're always right.



3) Only they understand the struggle that is work.

No one else outside your work understands the struggles of your job, except for the guys in work. You know you can vent about that person downstairs and they will know exactly why you're bitching, and will join in.




4) You have deeper conversations with them than you do anyone else.

What else can you do when you're all sitting in an office for at least six hours a day? You know exactly how they like their tea, their weirdest sexual fantasy and what they would do in a zombie apocalypse.

5) They're the only people who let you get away with being a bitch.


You can tell them to shut up and be quiet when they're annoying you, and they act like it's nothing. Everything is forgotten about in 10 minutes and nothing is ever taken seriously.



6) You can tell them anything.

They're probably the least judgmental people out there. You can tell them any and everything about yourself, and they won't judge because they've done worse.


7) They're always up for doing something after work.

The bartender across the road practically knows your names at this stage.



8) They make you like work.


You secretly get excited on Monday mornings because you get to see them again. *cheesy but true*.

9) Fights never last long.

If one of them pisses you off, it only lasts the rest of the day and the next morning it's back to normal.




10) They know all the details about your love life.

They can ALWAYS tell when you've had sex. Always.



11) They never let you come into work hungover.

That's just not fair. Friends who work together, drink together.




12) They know when you're on your period.

Instantly, and it's actually kind of creepy.

13) They hate the same people in work.


And when they talk, you guys share that look. Asshole.



14) They look forward to lunch as much as you do.

You're all counting down the minutes until you can go get a burrito. Mmmmm. No judgment here.




15) It's acceptable to fart around them.

The bathroom is just so far away...



16) You talk about the weirdest shit.


Your boss would be worried if they heard what you guys talked about and probably section you.

17) You make fun of customers together.

You've gotten so good at reading them, that when you see the demanding Mother walk in you collectively groan and roll your eyes.




18) Sharing is caring.

You dish out the shit tasks that no one wants to do, one by one. How cute.

19) They will always like your profile picture.

Sometimes, without even asking.

Clodagh McMeel
Article written by
Self-confessed cat lady, Clodagh is known for her sneezing and laziness. She is most often found on the couch or in bed, usually accompanied by her laptop and pizza. When she isn't doing nothing, she studies English and French in Maynooth. But that's very rare.

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