Bookmakers Are Making The Last Stretch Of The Referendum A Little Bit More Bearable

Bookmakers Are Making The Last Stretch Of The Referendum A Little Bit More Bearable

For the past few months bookmakers have been calculating odds for the upcoming referendum and it’s time for us to get our wallets out. Although it’s out of the ordinary compared to your average weekly bet, it’s worth a shot putting your money down to add to the thrill of the long anticipated referendum. With only two outcomes, your chances of winning even just a little are not too bad.

The odds have been changing quite regularly over the last few months, with the ever-growing favour of repealing the eighth making a clear effect on the odds. In December 2017 the odds were a steady 2/1 bet, when the outcome of the referendum was thought to be 50/50, and have now been made to 2/9 in accordance to the Yes vote pull.

With the referendum fast approaching, and the last date to register been and gone, many people are on the edge of the seats waiting for the 25th to bring what has been described on twitter as ‘the next civil war in Ireland.’  The closer the date is getting the more riled up voters are becoming, and the more important it is for you to mull over your vote, and inform yourself and what you think should be the appropriate outcome.

With the abundance of personal stories available online, it’s becoming more and more impossible to ignore the serious issue that has affected Ireland for decades. The heart wrenching stories from both sides can have you swaying to and from if you’re one of the few left that are undecided. One things for sure, don’t let your voice or your vote go unused.


A few things to remember on the day of voting, as reminded by @dublingirlo Instagram stories, DO NOT under any circumstances pull your phone out to take a boomerang, wear any kind of Repeal or Love both attire including badges, t-shirts, jumpers, badges, NOTHING. If you do so, your vote will be disqualified and all that time you’ve spent voicing your opinion and figuring out how to register yourself in the first place will go to waste.

All in all, get yourself out there and make your vote known. There’s also no harm in psyching yourself up a little and placing a sneaky bet to add to the excitement. Whether you think this betting opportunity is an ethically questionable move to make on a serious referendum or not, don’t let your freedom to bet or vote pass you by!

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Grainne Sharkey

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