Around 150,000 Young People Still Not Registered To Vote

Around 150,000 Young People Still Not Registered To Vote

With today being the deadline for the addition of names to the supplement to the electoral register, there are concerns that there are still vast numbers of young people who have yet to register.

A campaign meeting for Youth for Yes, a group which oversees a number of youth organisations calling for a Yes vote, was told last week that there are approximately 150,000 young people who are still not on the electoral register.

While this figure has presumably decreased somewhat given the massive drives that have taken place across the country to get students, and young people in general, added to the electoral register, it still implies there's a disconcertingly high number of young people that are ineligible to vote.

The USI and various Students' Unions have launched initiatives to try get students to convince their friends that they feel are ambivalent about the referendum to shirk their apathy and register to vote.


H/T: Irish Times

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Rory McNab

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