7 Bits Every Sassy AF Queen Needs In Their Home

7 Bits Every Sassy AF Queen Needs In Their Home

Sassiness is a lifestyle and being a queen ain't easy so if you're stuck for the perfect bits to embody your life ethos look no further than these stunning bits and bobs from

Remember: every queen needs a palace so if it's your home, student digs or just your bedroom here's what you need to jazz the place up:

1. A Doormat

'Cause you're no basic bitch, get your hands on this beautiful RuPaul's Drag Race doormat for the floor stomping value of €23. Can I get an amen?

2. Towels

If you're a salty queen by nature then you'll love this fringed beach towel. 


3. Candles

If you need something to reflect your inner rage get yourself an Eleven candlestick holder. Who needs stress balls when you can watch your rage melt before your eyes.

4. Stationery

If you're looking for somewhere new to spill all your day to day pet peeves and the T(ruth) stock up on these delightful series of notebooks or to keep the Rupaul theme going /*grab these instead.


5. Desk Plates

For €11.49 each, remind everyone in your life of the kind of queen you truly are.

6. Wall Light

Live out your Dua Lipa fantasy with this giant pink flamingo wall light.



7. Peg Board

Leave personalised passive aggressive messages for your roommate or yourself with this bright pink felt board for €34.49.

Keep it sassy.


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