12 'Sexy' Halloween Costume Fails

Every Halloween there are certain costumes that you can predict to be very popular, usually characters from the block busters of that year, current events and topical issues. This year you can expect a lot of Miley Cyrus and maybe even a few Ylvis fans dressed up as foxes screaming loudly, one thing that is always constant however is the string of ridiculous 'sexy' costumes that will be on show. Simply making something shorter/tighter doesn't make it sexy, but hey, I guess some people are into sexy bees...

Sexy Bee

There is nothing 'sexy' about a bee, I personally i think the entire race of bees would find this one offensive.

Sexy Iron Man

Congrats on ruining Iron Man... Doesn't even have a helmet


Sexy Harry Potter

Why sexy Harry? Why not just normal actually sexy Hermoine, in fact if you took off the glasses that would work...

Sexy Michael Jackson

There are many reasons why this is just plain wrong...


Sexy Barney

Ruining children's youth and innocence since forever.. looks like Barney is eating her head.

Sexy Heisenberg


That's not a sexy Heisenberg... This is a sexy Heisenberg

And where is her gas mask??

Sexy Osama Bin Laden

And then, all of America let out a collective sigh of disbelief...


Sexy Swat Team Member

Granted I understand most of what I know about SWAT from the below par Colin Farrell movie but I don't remember any of them looking like this.

Sexy Army Ranger


She wouldn't last a minute in combat without full length camos.. This is just unrealistic

Sexy Skunk

Don't really want to imagine the smell, If you looked like this I don't know why you would dress as a skunk.




Sexy Chewbacca

$240 dollars and the gun is not included... But does come with a handy satchel, the most practical of the costumes on this list.



Sexy Cow

Everybody's reaction....

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