Shit Promoters Are Sick Of Hearing


1. Regular calls at 3am from someone standing outside a club in town asking will you to get them in.

2. Texts on a Saturday  from randomers being like 'hey dude whats going on haven't talked in ages'. Then BOOM... Can you sort me guestlist.


3. Going to the bar and everyone expects you to buy the drinks, and share them out..

4. Walking up to the door of a venue with your mates and everyone assumes you are getting them in for free as well. #awkward


5. Everyone thinks you are minted and have LOADS of money

6. Everyone assumes you are a promiscuous piss head and have weekly orgies with drunk 18 year olds.


7. Guestlist, Guestlist, Guestlist...Cheaplist, Cheaplist, Cheaplist!

8. Free Drink, Free Drink, Free Drink! Is it your round man?



 9. "Hey dude can you get me a band for the VIP area and sort us out with some free champagne?"


10. By the time you finish work, all your mates are hammered already


11. The person you fancy who you flirted with at the door is now scoring someone else. Too late.

12. Your girlfriend/boyfriend presuming you secretly have sex with 16 different people every night

13. Your parents constantly asking when you're going to get a 'real job'


14. People complaining to you about the club you work for

15. People asking you if you can get their lost coat, phone, bank card...

16. People mistaking flirting for working and then not leaving you alone

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Sarah Power
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Unnatural blonde with a natural gift for wrapping presents. Never had one lesson. Big fan of Sex and the City, Eddie Vedder and men who have a good strong whistle. Hope to be a responsible woman one day, but for now I'm enjoying being a child in a woman's body. Pet peeve: People who abbreve everything.

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