Sign It's Time To Change Your College Course

So you have a month left before you go back to college in September and you're not really looking forward to it. You have this niggling feeling that you might have picked the wrong subject to study. You didn't get your first choice, and now you are stuck with the one you put on there to fill it up. This is perfectly normal and you may have realised that it just isn't for you. Here are the signs that it's time to change your course.

15) You're always twenty minutes late for your lectures

It could be that you're incredibly unpunctual, but if you seem to always be late for your class then you clearly don't care that much. If you were actually we're into what you were studying you would make an effort. We all have those days where we stroll in late after a night out, but if it's a regular occurrence then the course isn't for you.

14) You've never heard of a golden week

You have heard rumors of said golden week, but you're not quite sure what it's all about. Chances are that you never will have one, so it's not that important. It's a clear sign you should change your course if you never had the motivation to go to your lectures.


13) You despise all of your lecturers

We all have one or two that you don't like, but there is always one that you can see eye to and get on with. If you think that all your lecturers are boring and think they don't have a clue what they're talking about, then it's definitely you that's the problem.

12) Going out more than going into college

If the ratio of you going out to you going into college is more, then it's a sure sign that you made the wrong choice. There is no problem in going out , in fact, you definitely should when you're in college. It's just that if you go out 3 or 4 nights a week and only go in once or twice, it doesn't add up.


11) Even with the lecture notes you're still clueless

Sometimes times it can be hard to grasp new things and you just need time to let things set. If you still don't get it within and week you're not in the right class. Sometimes you just have to accept that you don't always get everything.

10) You're the person that always leaves halfway through the lecture

You say that you're going to apply yourself this time, but after 20 mins you can't stick it and you have to leave. You do it in the most ungraceful way and let the door slam so everyone knows your leaving.


9) You always zone out in lectures

If you're in a course you like, you will be interested in the lecture and will want to learn about it. If you're constantly zoning out and thinking about something else, then you may need to reassess things. There are always boring lectures, but you should make a move if you can't seem to stay awake in lectures.

8) You always seem to forget where your lectures are

You don't go in often enough and so you're always forgetting where your lecture hall is. When you eventually go into it, you're never quite sure because you can't remember what it looks like.


7) Then you inevitably walk into the wrong one

This seems to happen to  you way too often when you end up sitting down in a Philosophy lecture instead of an English one. You only realise it when the lecture starts and you don't want to leave and look like an idiot.

6) If you enjoy your elective more than your major

So you decide to take an elective in film studies or classics and end up really liking it. So much so that you prefer it than the subject you're actually studying. You made need to rethink your possible career path after this.


5) You're failing your majors

The most important things to pass is your core subjects and then you might fail one or two that you don't know as well. If you're failing in the subject that is going to be on your degree, then there is something clearly wrong.

4) You don't know enough about your subject to wing it

If you even have some inclination about the subject you're studying then you can wing it when you are in your exams. When you can't write a full paragraph on what you're studying then you need to reconsider things.


3) During exams you leave after a half an hour

You have just conceded  to failure and didn't even attempt to study, so no matter what happens in the exam you leave after half an hour. You attempt the first question and just write down everything you know about the subject.

2) Staying in bed always seems like the best option

We all miss lectures to catch up on our beauty sleep, but if you seem to always favour staying in bed than going to lectures it's not for you. If you don't have the drive to get out of the bed in the morning and go to your lecture then you should pick a different course . It's even worse if you're staying on campus and decide to stay in bed.

1) Change while you can and go with your gut

If you have a feeling that it just isn't for you then that's ok, we don't all figure out what we want to do straight away when we leave secondary school. There is nothing wrong with starting over again, you haven't wasted time, you've just ruled it out. Get ready for a new chapter.

Kenneth Fox
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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.

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