Signs You Hate Drinking, But Actually Love Drinking.

First off this doesn't make you Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Jameson. We all go through it...well, maybe not all. But I'm sure we've all at one stage uttered the phrase..."never drinking again"...only to be neck deep in a bottle of suds only hours later. Here are some of the key signs that you hate drinking....but actually love drinking.

1. You spend your food money on nights out...then moan about not having enough money to buy food..

2. Levels of the fear cause you to contemplate some serious life altering sh!t

3. Sometimes you feel like your insides have actually turned to liquid...but you soldier on regardless


4. You think you're unhappy in life...until you go drinking..

5. The sight and smell of alcohol sickens you.


6. You get drinking adrenaline...

7. Every now and again, your hangover starts...on the night out.


8. It takes you the bones of an hour to drink "the cure" or "the hair of the dog"....and you moan the whole way through it.

9. The couch is your hungover spot for the day, and when talks of going out the second or third night in a row surface only peer pressure can get you out.


10. You say you don't want to go out..then end up drinking alone.

11. You tell your self your taking a break from alcohol for a few weeks...that weekend...VODKA CENTRAL


12. You judge one of your friends who you think may be a borderline alcoholic...only thing is, you are one of the few who can keep up with him..and that doesn't register with you at all.

13. After your first experience of the whiskey sweats you swear off whiskey forever..which you only remember after your next bout of whiskey sweats.


14. You curse and moan when the first Jäger bomb of the night is presented...but proceed to drink 6 more...celebrating after each one.

15. You can't contemplate how binge drinking is worse than your parents one glass of wine a night routine..

16. You tell yourself you can't do two/three/four nights in a row but you do it anyway.

17. You have different kinds of drinks for different kinds of situations..

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Colin O'Dwyer
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