So Long Flower Headdress, There's A New Crown In Town...

I think it's fair to say that the trusty flower crown has become a little jaded at this stage. Everything it stands for it just a bit... well, basic now don't you think? Snapchat has got in on the action too and really, if I see another person trying to pass off that filter for what their face actually looks like... Pfff, please!

But the flower crown to be fair, burned bright while it lasted, and they really could look beautiful especially the custom made ones with real, fresh flowers. But now that they've turned into somewhat of a cliche, we need a brand new summer headdress alternative. 'What will it be?' I hear you cry- for the love of CHRIST- What will it be?

Enter- the Mermaid Crown. Yes, the mermaid crown is the most eyecatching trend I've seen in ages. Unlike the Native American headdress trend of previous years, or the common festival Bindi- I can't see any mermaids getting offended about their culture being exploited either- so there's another plus. Currently doing the rounds on Instagram, you can expect to see a loooot of these beauties over the coming months.

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Here is a gallery of just a few of our favorites. If these seem a little pricey on Etsy, check out the tutorial on making your own DIY crown underneath the photos here. Personally, I love the really colourful ones embellished with crystals and blue-y green shades, but which are your favorites? Will you be embracing this trend? Comment underneath and let us know!!

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Video: DIY Mermaid Crown

Credit: Irene Rudnyk

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