Square Eyes & So Many Why's: Clear Signs That You're A True Netflix Addict

Being a Netflix addict is something that eventually, we will all fall victim to. One quick episode turns into ten and so on and so forth and before you know it, you're knee-deep in yet another series binge. Here are a few clear signs that you're a true Netflix addict:

You like some of the characters more than you like your own friends.


You are so invested in the show that you feel as though you've known the characters their whole lives. You know their story, their struggle and as time goes on, you fall in love with these characters and prefer them to your own friends any day.

You would rather spend the day binge watching crap than actually seeing people. 



You've made an excuse not to go to that Friday night party because you need to start your weekend binge watching early. Your friends think there's a mystery guy in your life, when in reality, it's just another show that's taking up all of your free and not so free time. Priorities girl, you've got them in check...

When you say Netflix and chill, you quite literally mean Netflix and chill. 


Your definition doesn’t seem to match that of everyone else’s. But there's no getting be-
tween you and your show and 'that' includes spooning, cuddling or any form of human contact with literally anyone.

You lose track of time. And days. And sleep....



Most people say ‘one more episode’, but you say ‘one more season’. You're committed to watching an entire season at once, which, like all commitments, has its challenges. The hours turn into days and eventually you realise it's been three days and you haven’t slept, eaten, showered or answered anyone's calls or texts, which may or may not make people worried about your whereabouts. But then, if they really know you at all, they'll understand completely, right?

What happens in the shows can affect your mood.


You mourned the death of Jon Snow for weeks and you were miserable about it all, no shame whatsoever. The wedding of Jim and Pam made you believe in the power of love and you tried to spread it wherever you went. The plot twists in 'How to get away with murder', got you that type of jittery excited where you can’t sit still and you want to talk to everyone about it. You can basically blame your mood on what happened on any given show the night before.

You are more invested in the love lives of the characters than your own.



Netflix= Boyfriend.


When you finish a show you've gotten attached to and you don’t know what to do with your life anymore...


This show has been special, different to the other shows you've watched. The characters get you, the plot has captivated you and all of a sudden, it's all gone and you're left on your own again, depressed and contemplating the meaning of life and how it will go on without your favourite fictional worlds there to distract you. You don’t know how to function in the real world anymore, and you don't want to know, for that matter.

But you do the only thing you know how to: You start watching another show.


Once you've finished one eight season show, well another one comes along and you have to start all over again. You have to get to know the characters and the different story all over again. You never really get a break. It's a tough job, this Netflix thing. But it fills the void left behind by the previous show, and the cycle now starts all over again.

Niamh Bryson

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