Competition: Win A Year's Supply Of Supermac's

Competition: Win A Year's Supply Of Supermac's

We know that you're missing something. It's ok. We all are. We also know that the exact thing that you feel like you're missing is a year's supply of Supermac's Wholemeal Grilled Chicken Sandwiches.*

"What a delicious sounding feast!" I hear you cry, "But what could such a burger possibly contain?" It is, and this may come as very little of a surprise given the name, a grilled chicken breast sandwiched between two wholemeal buns. To keep the chicken company this boy is also brimming with red onion, lettuce as well as chipotle mayonnaise and it's all less than 350 kcals.

To Enter: Simply comment on this Facebook post and tell us which is your favourite Supermac's in Ireland and why.

You're probably reeling from this information. It's a lot to drink in. I understand. You may need to sit down, have a warm beverage, do whatever it takes to get to grips with all this and when you're ready, get entering.

*Note: the winner will be given vouchers which will allow them to claim the year’s supply of Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwiches.

Rory McNab

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