The 10 Stages Of FOMO Experienced When You Stay In

At this time of year it is a tough decision whether to go out or not. It has been a rough week and you really shouldn't go out as your thesis is due in a months time. But, life is just so boring. Decisions, decisions, decisions...I decide not to go out and save my money and the pain of a hangover tomorrow. But the fear of missing out is starting to set in. I'm panicking and sweating and I am questioning myself. "Have I made the right decision??", runs through my mind. For the next 6 hours my FOMO will heighten and God only knows what will take place. Here I will do a step-by-step guide to The 10 Stages Of FOMO Experienced When You Stay In.

1) Happiness

You are feeling confident in your decision. You are happy to be at home. You are comfortable and you know you are saving money. And, the thought of no hangover tomorrow is making you smile.

2) Relaxation

You sit down and watch a movie or a new TV series you have been dying to catch up on. You are comfortable and the popcorn and Coke are flowing. You had a bath earlier and you are only realizing now that you are the King of a Friday night in. You are loving it.


3) Questioning

You now start to question yourself: "Is this too good to be true! Should I have gone out? No, I was right to stay in, wasn't I?" Panic is beginning to creep in and a deep distinctive left out feeling inside me is about to erupt.

4) Aggressive

You now start to get aggressive and defensive. "I didn't want to go anyway. Oh God state of them going out like. Jesus wouldn't be caught dead in the place."


5) Panic

You now begin to panic. You think it is going to be an un-forgettable night out. You have seen the only people on Facebook Chat are you, those two mature students in your class and that group of guys/girls you cannot stand. A friend just texted you saying the guy or girl you fancy is want to die.

6) Sadness

You really regret not going out now and you are just sad at the decision you made. You can't concentrate on what you are watching and no food will fulfill your needs. You are not impressed with yourself.


7) Tiredness

You go to bed. You are tired now as the crying has taken a lot out of you. You are still slightly rattled but you manage to get to sleep. It is too late to go out so just sleep this FOMO off.

8) Awakening

You wake up the next morning happy you don't have a hangover. You grab the phone straight away to see what has happened last night. Their are plenty of Facebook mails and messages on Whatsapp. You ring your friend who was out and wait in suspense until you hear the verdict.


9) Panic Rescinds

The phone is ringing. They pick up and begin to recount the night. You are waiting and waiting and waiting to see what it was like.

10) Relief

You hear it was an average night out and the guy/girl you fancy wasn't smooching anyone else. You now have no hangover and you missed nothing. You have defeated FOMO and you have accomplished something amazing. Congratulations!

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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