The 39 Thoughts You Have When Attempting To Start Exercising

So you've taken the plunge and decided to start exercising. Congratulations, that's the first step. Now for the hard part; the actual exercise. What better place to start than going for a run right? So you would think...Here are the 39 thoughts you have when attempting to start exercising.

1) Man these runners are super cute. Who knew workout gear was so stylish?

2) Okay looking good, feeling good. Boom, let's do this!


3) Hold on, need to find a good song first.

4) Shit, I didn't make a work out playlist.


5) I'll just put on Beyonce - who doesn't want to channel Beyonce when they're working out?!

6) Okay, let's actually do this!


7) It was a great idea to start at the top of a hill, good momentum obvi.

8) I'm fucking deadly at this running business, look at me go!


9) I'm basically road runner.

10) Slightly out of breath, that's normal after 2 minutes right?

11) Maybe I'll just stop for a second and jog on the spot.


12) Okay I'm just standing still now, let's be real.

13) Back to running - remember, you're like Usain Bolt and other good runner people!


14) Why is it so hard to breathe?!?

15) I don't even bloody smoke!


16) I'd rather be fat than keep doing this.

17) No I wouldn't.


18) Focus!

19) I'd bet Beyonce would be able to do this without breaking a sweat.


20) Oh God, I look like a tomato.

21) Nope more like a beetroot. Joy.


22) Why can't I be one of those people who just doesn't sweat?!



24) Fuck. My. Life.

25) Lying down in the middle of the path is a totally valid life choice.

26) Fuuckkkkkk why are people I know in the park right now?!


27) Must get up and hide immediately.

28) Phew, that could have been embarrassing.


29) I must have run like 5 miles by now.

30) Nope, not even one. Well that's disappointing.


31) How has it only been 20 minutes?!?

32) Am I dying?


33) Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

34) WATER!!!!!!


35) So. Close. To. Home... Must. Finish

36) I MADE IT.


37) I'm basically Rocky.

38) Better blast some Eye of The Tiger to celebrate my success.

39) But seriously, never doing that again, ever.

Isabelle Riggins

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