The 4 Things You Should Do This Summer

You've been quivering with excitement through two tough semesters and now it's here. It's happening. Summer. You expected beer by the beach but you, my friend have been sadly disappointed. If you're not one of the lucky ones heading off on a cruise/holiday to the sun/backpacking round Europe and you're sad about it. Have no fear, for I am here! Kinda. With semi - beneficial advice. So read on...

1. Take up a hobby.

Stop with your bullshit excuses, if you want to do something you know you would love then why not? Even if it's just reading more, do it! There's anything from yoga, boxercise, photography.... the list goes on, I just can't think of them all right now. But yeah, a hobby to distract you from your relationship with Netflix (the struggle is real.)

2. Do the "touristy" thing.

Where ever you are in the world there is bound to be a spot near-by where tourists flood to, to seep themselves in culture and history, or whatever. Grab some of your girlfriends and go out for the day. Get some ice-cream. The road trip alone will be banter central and think of the photo ops.



3. Night out, duh?

So, obviously you'll want to venture out at least once (minimum) this summer for a crazy party with the girls. Make a day of it, aka start pre-drinks extra early. Maybe head to the pub for 2pm and let loose for the night. Avoid Snapchat stories, the absolute shame the next morning combined with projectile vomiting is not a great combo. Seriously.

4. Get yourself a casual boy type friend.


You're at home, you're bored as fuck, and you're thinking to yourself "What shall I do today?", Well gals, here's what you do, you find yourself a boy type friend to hang out. It's casual, but it's fun. Go exploring, go to the cinema (it's not a "date" mom, he's just a friend), go paint-balling, go canoeing, have sex with them! Only if you want to of course... but yeah, boy type friend.


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