The 6 Types Of Friend Every College Girl Has, As Told By 'Friends'

You know those "Which Friends Character are you?" type quizzes? Well, I personally don't believe that your favourite colour means that your spirit character is Joey Tribbiani, but there is definitely truth in saying that every one of your friends is represented by one of the characters in the world famous show, "Friends". It's why you all fit so well together. If you look closely enough, and you're as big a fan of the show as I am, well then it should be easy to spot who's who. But, if you can't, here's a helpful guide.

1. The Monica

The responsible one. We all have one - she insists that everyone smoke outside, that the house be cleaned a minimum of 4 times before pre-drinks, buys extra loo rolls in the shopping. Oh, she also sets your alarm for college the next day after a night out, because God forbid (if your hangover doesn't) that you miss your 9 am Physical Chemistry lecture the next day...

2. The Joey


It probably comes as no surprise, but there is a Joey among every group of girlfriends out there. Whether that comes before or after liquid confidence, it doesn't really matter, but she's there. She's not afraid to put herself out there to guys... Or girls... Or anything with an obvious heartbeat. Also known to eat everything in site, no questions asked, drunk or sober (and still never puts on weight.) But she's also everyone's best friend and brings the love and laughs to the group.

3. The Chandler

Characterised by her bad luck, bad relationships and sharp sarky tongue, she's not to be forgotten. This girl always gets into trouble, and if she can't find trouble, it'll definitely find her! She's also the bravest in the group and will never let you leave the house with mismatching eyebrows without informing you, through the medium of some well-thought-out sarcastic joke.


4. The Phoebe

If I were to compare her to any other well-known character, it would definitely have to be Karen Smith from Mean Girls. She's a complete nutter who'll believe anything anyone tells her, but she's also a complete sweetheart. In saying that, I wouldn't get on the wrong side of this chica. She's tough as a nut and will do bat shit crazy things to protect herself and her besties.

5. The Ross


The nerd. Probably studying something no one understands, like helioseismology or something like that. No matter how many times she tries to explain how fascinating it is, it's still just another subject no one else can spell or actually say. She's got the biggest brains but the worst social skills. But at the end of the day, she's the glue that keeps everyone together, because she's the one everyone turns to for help. She's everyone's big sister.

6. The Rachel

The Rachel is always the prettiest girl in the group, no question. She's also got the biggest heart. She is both fierce and loving, and a little bit... well, blonde. Let's just say that while she isn't the brainiest type, her looks and charm definitely make up for it.


Amanda Roche
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Amanda is 18 years old, gay, and has two loves; Pizza and chocolate. Overcome with wanderlust, this daydream believer spends her days writing and planning her next adventure around the world.

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