The Awkward Things I Do When I'm Trying To Flirt With Girls

So, truth be told I might not be the best at talking to women, something in my body decides to completely freeze up and forced me to stare, sweat and forget how to talk, in that order... As you can imagine then, my flirting techniques aren't exactly the most ehm, inspiring? Hopefully though, the awkward people out there can read this and take comfort in the fact that you're not the only we, in fact most people are this crap at flirting

At The Bar

Drink a lot and stare...



With The Waitress / Server

Visit the restaurant so often that you no longer even enjoy it. When you order, consider saying something interesting, but then just order so quietly that your crush has to ask you to repeat yourself at least twice.


At Work

Type this person’s name into the Facebook chat box and close out of it immediately a few times...



At A Party

Don't talk to them, Leave. Go home. Later, text a friend who is still at the party and ask, “What is she doing now?”



In College

Spend half the year figuring out their name through process of elimination in class-wide emails. Struggle internally with adding her on Facebook and finally... Do nothing about it.


With a Friend

Continue to do the normal, relatively thoughtful things that friends do for each other, but decide (in your head) that these are now grand romantic gestures. All while doing nothing to suggest this shift to the other party.

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