The Best Study Hacks All College Students Need To Know

Here at CollegeTimes, we can tell you firsthand that studying be hard (we never did master grammar). There are tricks, however, to overcome the cruel mistress that is book learnin'. With the help of our good friend science, we have assembled, for your intellectual delight, the 10 study hacks every student needs to know:

10) Take a walk


Taking a walk before an exam has been proven (by research, no less) to boost brain activity. Yup, just a normal, average walk oughtta do it.

9) Take regular breaks



Your brain needs a break every now and again in order to assimilate information efficiently, so shutting yourself in for hours on end actually doesn't do you any favours. Why not give yourself a break by reading one of our articles on the non-existence of real men? Just remember there is a difference between a break and procrastination, so keep breaktimes clearly defined. But if you must overdo it then at least come full circle and read this here article so you can learn about screwing over your future self while you actually screw over your future self.

8) Try to teach someone


It's been said that unless you can explain an idea clearly enough that a child can understand it then you don't truly understand it yourself. It follows that trying to explain something you've just learnt to anyone is a great way to get a better understanding of it, as well as being a great way reinforce the memory of it.

7) Mind maps



They weren't just a pointless piece of advice given to you by a secondary school teacher, they actually work. They allow you to make mental associations between ideas in a kind of chain so that remembering one can allow you to recall the next and so on and so forth. It's a pretty effective mnemonic device.

6) Don't pull an all-nighter


We shouldn't have to have to tell you this, people. Sleep helps you process the memories you made the day before and by skipping sleep you're fucking your memory assimilation up, which is gonna suck when it comes time to sit your exam and you're drawing an absolute fucking blank.

5) Watch a documentary on the topic



Give the dusty old books a rest and get a quick rundown on your topic of choice via documentary. Trust us, there's documentaries on freaking everything these days and if it's not in your library then it'll be on YouTube. Interesting stuff, eh?

4) Flashcards


In the final minutes before your exam, there isn't a whole lot you can do to cram any new info into your noodle. Best course of action is to simply refresh your memory of things you'll be writing about in your exam, put the key points, names and quotes on flashcards which you can shuffle through quickly. Works wonders.


3) Allow yourself a treat


Everybody needs a carrot on a stick to get through difficult or boring-ass work. Perhaps give yourself that chocolate bar you're craving while hitting the books, or allow yourself a big night out right after you've owned that bastard of an exam. Even nerds gotta party sometime.

2) Read aloud


You're 50% more likely to remember something that you've spoken aloud rather than simply read. Wait, but doesn't that mean you only remember half of what you've read then? Goddammit, we failed maths too.

1) Activate memory with scents or gum


"Say whaaat?" I hear you collectively exclaim. If you get into the habit of chewing gum or wearing a particular fragrance when studying, do the same when in an exam and you'll find it easier to access the memories you made while studying via synaptic wizardry. This stuff actually works, we shit you not. But don't thank us for this invaluable advice, thank science!

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