The 7 Stages Of Studying For Exams

With exams just around the corner, we've all been dilly dallying about and it's only dawning on us about now that FUCK ME EXAMS ARE ALMOST HERE. There are seven stages you're likely to encounter in your attempts to study.

1. Denial

You've just finished your lectures and have four weeks till exams start. Why start now? You have loads of time sure it'll be grand!

2. Procrastination

Two weeks to go now so you figure you should probably start studying, but cleaning your room, joining the gym, doing your taxes and finding your long lost cousin all seem pretty important too.

3. Anger

Just one week left and you've made it to the library. You open a past exam paper and realise you know fuck all. When the hell did they teach us this? Must have been in all the recommended reading that you didn't do.

4. Bargaining

Things are getting desperate and you're trying to find any way to get out of this exam. Dropping out of college and selling your kidney on the black market also seems like a good idea at this point.

5. Sadness

You're losing hope and spend your final days locked away in the library, weeping in between gulps of coffee and the pages of book that you still don't understand.

6. The All Nighter

It's the night before the exam and you pull together the last bit of energy you have. Fuelled only by Red-Bull and the fear of failing, you somehow manager to spend the whole night cramming any information that will stay, into your brain.

7. Acceptance

Just as you're about to walk into the exam hall you accept your faith. You tell yourself that grades don't define you and that maybe repeats won't be that bad. Either way you're just happy that the whole ordeal is nearly over.

Rebecca Stephenson

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