The Worst People To Go On A Night Out With

Not everyone that you go on a night out with will add something positive to the party and more often than not there are those that will infuriate you and ruin the night. here are the worst people to go on a night out with....let us know if you can identify any of them.

The Fake Person

Nothing about them screams I'm honest and everything screams the opposite. whether it hair extensions, fake nails or just a stinker of an attitude we all know one. the only saving grace is that you can see them coming a mile away so act accordingly


The Passive Aggressive Person

They stand there all night belittling everyone left right and centre of them and ruining the night for the rest of you all


The Bitchy Person

Back handed remarks about your clothes or something that will give them deep satisfaction, they will probably take about your mates behind their backs to you, and do the same to you behind your back...


The Leech

Will be rustling in their pockets at the door of the club..."oh shit, I forgot my wallet/money/pride"...and because you're a sound friend you sponsor them for the night. But it is never spoken of again by them, until the next night....


The Non Dancer

The person who refuses to bust a move....but will (in fairness) do a little jig towards the end of the night when that one song they know blares through the house system.


The Always Dancing Person

The person who refuses to do anything but bust a move..

The Fighter


That one person you know who has a point that once they reach will basically claim anyone who is in their way. An embarrasment to be around.

The Lover

They may never show any emotion during the normal day to day relationship you have with them but the second that precious alcohol juice trickles down their throat they are all over you, showering you with compliments as if the literally could not live without you


The Disappearing Friend


You both came into the club together but you havent seen them since...wait, they were with you...right? Right?!

The Person that won't go home

Post club, you end up at a session and you and your mates have enough respect to stay for a few drinks and call it a night...HOWEVER. There's that one mate who will stay, mix with all the people he doesn't know and not leave until Tuesday week.



The Complainer

Just nag nag nag all night. Doorman was ignorant, heel's not big enough, not enough guys looking at her, ice too cold....SHADDUP....JUST SHUT THE FOOOK UP ALREADY.


The Sex Crazed One

They have been talking about nothing else since you all decided you were heading out tonight. They don't care who it is they just wanna get their end away...


The Puker

Too much alcohol spoils the brought...and you may be they one holding their hair back as they vomit the content of both their stomach and dignity into the unsuspecting toilet bowl...

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Drunk

Before the night is over, the changeable one in your group will switch between numerous personalities and do some of the following  a) smash their phone b) smash your phone c) cock-block you d) get kicked out of whatever club you are in e) cock block you..f) cock block themselves. Next morning, they’ll make you breakfast and flat out not be able to remember what happened the night before.

Ian Smith
Article written by
Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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