The Worst Things To Do On A Hangover

A hangover is never a nice experience and if you get them as vicious as I do you will know there is only one answer: stay in bed for the whole day. If you must move to eat or bathe that is your call but there are certain things I would advise you not to do. Here are The Worst Things To Do On A Hangover.

1) Drive

You will feel ill and all you will be thinking about is getting sick. Even if you don't, the pain and hot flashes you experience will not be worth it. My advice would be never drive to pre drinks. It seems like a good idea at the time but when you have to collect it the next day you will hate yourself.

2) Drink Orange Juice

Orange juice will make you vomit. No matter how nice it looks, how cold it may be or how freshly it is made - you will feel awful after. Anything citrusy really will not go down well.


3) Score Someone

It will be awkward, it will be uncomfortable and no amount of toothpaste and mouthwash is going to hide that Vodka breath of yours. Stay away from your significant other on a day like today.

4) Watch A Rom Com

No matter what sex or age you are, if you watch a Jennifer Aniston rom com you will cry. Cry like a baby. Avoid these at all costs.


5) Shopping

You will buy a load of stuff you don't need or cry because you don't fit into your size due to the alcohol bloat. And, when you come home with a surf board or a crate of Powerade, your actions will be questioned.

6) Walk Your Dog

As cute as they are, when you have to use that pooper scooper you will be gagging all over the green. Or else you will lose all forms of physical strength and be dragged along by the puppy.


7) Go To The Gym

Are you trying to cause yourself heart failure? If you go to the gym on a hangover you will either break something, or, worse, break a machine.

8) Bungee Jump

This is self explanatory. It will not be fun, you will be even more petrified and maybe even sh*t yourself. Are you willing to take this risk?


9) Have An Exam

If you go out and drink the night before an exam, you 150% won't go into that exam the next day. You will either sleep through your alarm or decide "fuck that" in a hangover panic. You will regret this.

10) Study

You are not going to get anything done and staring at that book for 30 mins won't do any good. You aren't going to remember any of this in the morning. Rest today because you will get three times as much done tomorrow.


11) Have A DMC

Having a deep meaningful conversation with a friend will cause heaps of emotion. You will cry over anything as stupid as what's for dinner. Save this for another day.

12) Have A Fight

It is going to end in tears and let's face it you are already crying over the fact Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn never made it through the Break Up. It will be heated, awful things will be said and it is just not what you need right now.


13) Go On A Date

You won't be looking your best no matter what your mother told you and you will be in foul form. You will give a bad first impression and you have zero chance in securing a second date.

14) Over Pluck Your Eyebrows

An innocent pluck here and there will turn into Joey in Friends. You know the episode where he tries to get his eyebrows even? Just don't do it okay.


15) Dye Your Hair

You are in a mood and you "couldn't be arsed" with anything. You won't read the instructions and next thing you are rocking around with green hair.

16) Wardrobe Cleanse

You may think now is a good time to throw out some old clothes but you aren't thinking straight. Wait until tomorrow morning. All will seem better then.


17) Drink Milk

This is just the worst. The second it goes down your throat you will feel vile. Saved it for your Coco Pops tomorrow morning.

18) Have A Job Interview

You know when you're hungover and you say things that are below the belt? Ever make jokes that just really aren't funny? Why drag this into a job interview ey?


19) Work

You will wake up late, rush to work and have the slowest and most painful day of your life. If you know a big night is coming up try and get work off the next day. You may cry there - just remember that.

20) Go On A Trampoline

Ah here now, you are just asking for it. That motion will only make things so much worse.


21) Go On Public Transport

The bus and Luas are bad enough when you are sober let alone hungover. You know those odd smells you sometimes get on public transport? These will not go down well hungover. You will also be deeply dehydrated.

22) Dinner With Your Family

You won't be able to eat or you will gorge on everything and feel terrible after. If your parents are strict and will not tolerate your hangover - it is best to leave it for another day.

 23) Go To Mass

If you are going to be roped into going to Mass - don't do it. Getting sick in a church is not okay. Getting sick on a priest is a sin. You will not want to be there - trust me.

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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