Things 90's Kids Take For Granted

If you grew up in the nineties you will have noticed that there are a lot of things that have changed since then. The biggest change has been in technology. We have it better than ever now, where as back in the 90's we would have craved a Smartphone. Nowadays we take these things for granted and forgot what it used to be like back in the day.

11) Fast internet

In the early days of the internet, you would have to connect through dial-up. It would take ten minutes for a page to load and that's not including actually trying to use the site which would take even longer.

10) Smartphones

Literally everything you could possibly want is now at your fingertips, and I mean everything. In the 90's if  you were lucky to have a phone it was one of those awful contraptions that Zack Morris had in Saved By The Bell.


 9) Social Networks

There was no real equivalent to this back in the day, because you actually had to go outside to talk to your friends. Good luck trying to ring your friends on the house phone, your parents would have riddled you with guilt with all the money you wasted on the phone.

8) Wikipedia

For countless College students around the worldWikipedia is the single reason they are still in College. How else would you be able to get all those assignments done. We all wonder how students could have ever gotten anything done without Wikipedia back in the day.


 7) YouTube

We've all spent hours upon hours watching random videos on You Tube while putting something really important off. You Tube started out as the internet's version of You've Been Framed but since then it has basically become a glorified TV station.

 6) Photos

The only way you could take pictures back in the 90's was with disposable cameras or if you were lucky enough, you might have had a proper camera. You would have to wait until the roll was used up before you could get them developed, the absolute stress of it.


5) DVDs

Looking back on it videotapes were much more of a hassle than they were convenient. We all remember the trail of tape that was left behind and those fuzzy lines that would appear at the bottom on the screen. DVDs were really a godsend.

4) Spotify

So, nowadays you can listen to pretty much any artist and any album you want, for free(ish) ? My life is made. We would have killed for this back in the 90's, back then we all had to wait until they played them tunes on the radio.


 3) Nickelodeon

When you were a kid in the 90's there was only one channel that you would watch every day. When it was in it's hay day it had Kenan & Kel, Sabrina and re-runs of Saved By The Bell. If you're like me, you'll have a special place in your heart for Nickelodeon.

 2) Books

Back in the day we actually read books, beyond your bed time story that is. It was a great way to let your imagination run wild. Nowadays kids have the internet and video games to do this, but there was always something magical about reading a book and imagining the world that was only written.

 1) Having your own clothes

If you  have an older brother or sister you will be accustomed to Hand me downs. Your wardrobe was full of clothes that were too big for you or clothes that were too small. Nowadays there are different clothes for every age group and every kid has a stylist.


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