Opinion: The 7 Things I Think The US Could Learn From Ireland

Opinion: The 7 Things I Think The US Could Learn From Ireland

Since living in Ireland, I have been exposed to a completely different culture. Just in my short time, I have come to realise that there are some things that we do in the States that don't really make much sense. 

1. We are ALWAYS apologizing even if we haven't done anything wrong

2. We are always trying to modify the dishes from the menu

I'm extremely guilty of this and I am not even that big of a picky eater. I am always asking for something extra or something to be removed from the dish I had ordered. Aside from that, most entrees have 50 different options. As a result, it's a constant game of 20 questions with you and the server.

3. We don't pay our waiting staff a full wage


I guess I just thought this was normal until I went abroad. Why am I responsible for making sure the staff is adequately paid? These people work hard they deserve a consistent paycheck.


4. Handing our credit cards over like it's no big deal

Still following the restaurant trend, not sure why I am so eager to just hand someone my credit card to a stranger and let them walk away with it. I didn't realize how crazy that sounds. It would be a better idea for the server to bring the card reader to you



5. Simplicity in food can be better

Like I already mentioned the number of choices we have in America is endless. Even at sporting events, the menus are almost like you're at a restaurant. I appreciate the simplicity in Ireland. Also the fact that not everything is fried in some way.

6. We make roads for cars and not people

This is something I didn't even think of until I came across an article about it. Although the traffic did scare me a little when arriving, it's obvious that the city of Dublin was created for those travelling by foot and not by car. It's kind of been nice being able to walk and knowing there is a sidewalk where ever I want to go.


7. It's impossible to have privacy in a public bathroom

I didn't even realize this until I got here and had a full door on my stall as I used the restroom. At first, I thought it was a little weird but now it's become the new normal. I'm not sure why we have the ability to see through the stall doors in the States. Hense, I am going to feel very exposed when using the toilets back home. 

Kaili Sager

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