What You Can Finally Do Now That It's Christmas Season

We're not sure what passage of The Bible it's in, but Christmas time means you're allowed be a complete slob for the next few weeks. So here's just some of the glorious things you can do this festive season.

Watch Kid's Movies

At Christmas, you're a kid again. You'll find yourself watching Disney and Pixar movies aimed for people much younger than yourself, arguing that Toy Story and Lilo and Stitch are 'Universal' and not just for kids.

Stuff Your Face With Food

Christmas gives us 'fat days' and eating binges minus the judgment and shame.


Wear Hilariously Shit Jumpers

Also your granny will buy you a shit-but not hilariously shit- jumper that you have to wear out on St Stephens night.


Get Hammered

With the 12 Pubs of Christmas tradition dating back as far as 2006(???), take advantage of the one time of the year you can walk around getting drunk in a reindeer onesie.

Delay studying

Any plans of studying for exams are delayed until after Christmas and New Year's, and even a few days after that. And maybe a few days after that.

David Keenan
Article written by
D.I.T and N.U.I.M graduate, socially retarded but a nice lad nonetheless

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