9 Things A Media Student Is Sick Of Hearing

Media students will know themselves that it's all good attending every class and submitting every assignment on time, but you should be doing more than that. Tweeting, blogging, networking: anything that will get you noticed and make you stand out from the crowd. Building up an online presence could get you further than you think...however some people just don't understand the industry or the lifestyle and should stop harping on at us with statements such as:

"You should apply for that internship"

Everywhere I turn there are f*cking internships...Jobbridge schemes, expenses paid internships, work experience...god damn it, the government are paying dinosaurs in the civil service massive money every year and they'd prefer to go to their union to complain before attending a windows 95 course...we are the future of this country and our knowledge based on current technology is being bled dry....arghhhh

"But think of the contacts you'll make from this".....

Contacts don't put food on the table...or drinking money in my pocket...


"I presume you'll be able to do that for free?"

Experience is one thing but I actually have to survive on something other than steal bread and rice cakes....oh and this gear that I'm using in order for your production to be of a professional standard...yeah sure that just grows on trees...moron.

"So how's your blog doing?" (usually delivered in a derogatory tone)

Yes I have a's more or less standard procedure for any media student these stop going on about small minded prat


"You criticise everything, You're such a cynic..."

Yes I do, what of it? The media is able to manipulate you everyday drones and sway you in whatever direction it're the ones who'd want to get you're hands on some Chomsky material...It will open your eyes....suckers

"Oh so you took a cultural studies module and now you're a marxist/communist/thatcherite/nazi sympathizer"'s just opened my eyes as to the reality of what happens in the world...get your head out of the clouds and stop following some soccer or rugby team that have you paying 60 euro every summer to have you advertise the faceless multinational corporation that sponsors them across your chest, you cretin....


"So what area of the media are you going to work in?"

"You're such a hipster"...

Arggghhhhhhhh...our creative minds lead us to think outside the pathetic conforming world you pathetic people have bought into. We're not being Ironic, some of us may just dress differently..stop trying to make us feel's not working

"Ha, he thinks he's going to be famous"

One of these days....and by the way, you can get f*cked if you think there's a guest list with your name on it...

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Colin O'Dwyer
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Media graduate, music nut, musician and connoisseur of the skinny jean. Would've made a better Batman than Affleck!!

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