10 Things You Should Remember When Day-Drinking

Drinking during the day is not a regular occurrence, and only happens when there's a football match or a concert or some other special occasion on. And because we don't do it often, it's quite hard to judge it sometimes, and more than a few of us have ended up getting sick in public and being in bed by half 9. So here are some tips to get you through the day and enjoying the whole thing.



The single most important thing to remember when day-drinking. It's not like pre-drinks where you only have a couple of hours to drink all of the alcohol before the taxis arrive. You have the whole day, and can actually enjoy the drinking at your own pace.


Eat Beforehand


Getting a good meal into you before you leave the house is key, as it provides some good soakage to begin with, and who knows when you'll next get a chance to eat.


Don't Forget To Eat Again

But when you do eventually get that chance, do eat something. I know people say that 'eating is cheating', but when it comes to day-drinking, if you haven't eaten anything all day, you will be covered in vomit at some stage of the day/night, almost guaranteed.



Get As Much Sleep As Possible The Night Before

This means that when it comes to the point when day-drinking turns into a night out, you won't be too tired and want to go home.


If You Plan To Go Out, Do Not Go Home


But it is really important to remember that if you are going out, do not go home. The temptation to nap will be too great, and you just won't want to go back out once you've sat down. If you do have to go home to change, make a plan to meet back up somewhere before you leave, and commit to it. This will make it easier to head back out.


But It's Also Okay Not To Go Out

But if no plan is made, it is perfectly acceptable in some cases to go home to bed. I know you're worried about FOMO, but chances are most people felt the exact same as you did and went home, and those that did go out aren't exactly having the greatest night of their lives.



Spirits Are Probably A Bad Idea

Spirits are probably a bad idea at any stage of the day or night, but this is especially true during the day. Drinking spirits makes it harder to pace yourself, and that vomit we talked about earlier becomes more and more likely.


Drink Something Non-Alcoholic Now And Again


Again, this makes it easier to pace yourself. I'm not saying to chug a pint of water after every drink, but maybe when you're eating, go for some fizzy drink or even just water. And then maybe during the transition time as well. It'll stop you feeling crap come 9pm, and you'll have your options still open to you.


Limit The Amount Of Snapchats You Send

And limit the amount of tweets, status updates and photos you upload as well. You're out for the whole day, you don't want to be annoying people.



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