This Celeb Was Body Shamed For Being Too Skinny & She Refused To Take It

It all started with a tweet. Julie Klausner, a fully grown adult woman, tweeted about Zendaya's weight at the teen choice awards. Yes, you did in fact read that right. An adult body shamed a teenager. The anger is so very real.


Klausner tweeted after the teen choice awards, commenting on Zendaya's skinny frame.




I mean seriously Julie? SERIOUSLY? The girl is 19 and has always had a naturally thin frame. But whether she has or not, it is not anyone's place to comment on that and give her shit about it. Young women have enough problems with body pressure without adults who should know better adding to it.


Well Zendaya wasn't taking it lying down. Once she got wind of what Klausner was tweeting she came in with her own response.




Her next post really showed that this 19 year old girl has more of a grasp on how women should view their bodies, than just about anyone else.




Preach girl! Body shaming is disgraceful in any form, and for an adult to think that it's okay to comment on a teenager's body shape is just not acceptable. Making someone feel bad because of their size just for the sake of humour is just a dick move. Your move Klausner.


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Credit: Glamour Magazine.

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