This Rainbow Chocolate Cake Is Unbelievable...

I'm not really one for sweet things, I pretty much go for savoury every time but sometimes something sweet will catch my eye and that will be all I can think about until I just give in and eat it. When I saw this dreamy pastel creation, that exact thing happened. I will NOT REST until I make and eat it. I'm not super really talented in the kitchen but this looks incredible and ultra satisfying to make. It's just so pretty, and the pastels... You'll die. Watch the video and just enjoy the beautiful 5 minutes for what it is. I felt like i had almost made it after watching. If you know of any birthdays coming up- prepare for serious brownie points if you show up to the party with one of these...


Video: Rainbow Chocolate Cake - CAKE STYLE


Credit: Cake Style


College Times Staff

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