This Video Of The Rebuilding Of Nepal Is Incredibly Inspiring

We all remember the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in April of 2015. 8,000 people lost their lives and Nepal was left ravaged. The news footage was truly harrowing, but the cameras quickly moved on and Nepal was left to rebuild. However, what we never had a chance to glimpse was the work of everyone to help the people and this beautiful place.


Max Rantz-McDonald and Mike Savas were some of the first people to travel to Nepal to help and they filmed the incredible work that was being done. The result is this video which is undeniably inspiring.




They are returning to Nepal on the 1 year anniversary of the earthquake to help rebuild with a group of international volunteers and are working hard at fundraising. To learn more, please visit


Credit to Bold Move for their excellent editorial work.


Isabelle Riggins

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