A Tech Blogger Has Just Revealed The Truth Behind 'Shot On iPhone' Ads

A Tech Blogger Has Just Revealed The Truth Behind 'Shot On iPhone' Ads

I think we've all seen those 'shot on iPhone' ads that are on billboards, YouTube and even on TV. Something you probably don't know, however, is they are most definitely too good to be true.

Tech blogger Marques Brownlee decided to investigate the fine print at the end of the ad which read, "additional equipment and software used". He realised that this was just a way of saying that a whole lot more equipment is needed to take those fancy shots.

So it looks like our dream of taking cinematic-worthy shots has been well and truly shattered, however, the equipment used is more accessible than you might think.

Brownlee went on the explain that the ads make use of external lenses and handheld stabilisers which make the shots looks so perfect and cinematic. So while the ads are technically shot on an iPhone, they're making use of a lot of extra equipment to make it as HD as it really is.

He goes on to explain that you can get affordable equipment, however, so not to be disheartened by the ads,

"so while it might not seem super practical to actually go out and shoot those commercial level, crazy high-end videos that people are doing, on technically, smartphone sensors on crazy rigs and stuff. It's also a lot of fun to maximise what you can do with the tech that's in your pocket right now".



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