Thoughts Every Student Has While Binge Watching A TV Series

In this modern age when we have whole series available to us instantly, binge watching has become a real problem #firstworldproblems. You'll hole up for days in the dark of your room as you watch episode after episode of your new favourite show and guzzle down countless amounts of junk food. It might be great at the time, but like all things, there is a downside to your addiction. You start out a responsible, productive member of society and end up a bloated, pale, bloodshot eyed mess. So let's see what's in store for you next time you log onto Netflix, shall we?

1) "I've got a lot of work to do, starting a new series right now is probably a bad idea."


I've got three assignments, two essays and five tests to study for. It's time to act responsible and put work first.


2) "Oh fuck it, I'll just space the show out, I need my downtime after all."



I can be a responsible adult and control myself. I can't just spend all my time working, I don't want to burnout. I can totally manage this. I'll just take a little study break, see what all the fuss is about. I'll start studying again after the first episode.


3) "It's not bad I guess."


It's not the worst, but I don't get all the hype. Then again, it'll take some time to get into the show. I'll just have to be patient and give it a chance. Just one more episode; I'll get a feel for the characters, see what's going on and then study break over, I swear.



4) "Damn, did I just watch the first series in one sitting?"


That was quick. Time really got away from me. Still it's not amazing, don't know why everyone warned me that I'd get addicted. Yes, I got a little carried away but it's cool, I've a few hours before I need to go to bed, I'll just catch up on my study now.

5) "Ok, I'm going to write off today, it didn't go to plan, but hey I needed a day off anyway."



Like I said, downtime is important.


6) "Ok now it's starting to get good."


It's also three a.m. again and I've spent yet another night depriving myself of sleep for this show. Ah well, a few coffees and I'll probably, maybe stay awake in my lectures tomorrow.


7) "Probably should do some work, but..."


The last week has not gone according to plan. I'm way behind on study and it's just started to get really good. Still, I've loads of time to finish my study and I can totally stop anytime I want.


8) "Okay, at this point I may as well just finish watching it."



I've only two seasons left and I just can't focus at the moment. I'll just finish the show, and then I can work with a clear head and without any distractions.


9) "That was amazing! Why did I take so long to watch this!?"


Now though I've really got to get some study done. Two assignments due tomorrow and I haven't written a single word for either of them yet. Crap.

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