Thousands Nationwide Brace Themselves For 'Wet February'

Thousands Nationwide Brace Themselves For 'Wet February'

As January slowly draws to a close people up and down the country are gearing up to hit the ground running on 'Wet February'.

The concept, dreamt up by scoop-hungry sesh gremlins coming off of the cold turkey of 'Dry January', will see punters try to consume as much alcohol as possible for the month of February.

We caught up with UCD student Damien Benson, who spoke about the upcoming struggles ahead of him:

It's going to be tough, I'm under no illusions. Coming off the back of Dry January, I'll be well off the pace. It may take me a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things.

Henson told us of how he was going to approach the event:

It'll be baby steps initially, five or six pints a night. The plan is to gradually increase my alcohol intake as the month progresses and by the end of the four weeks I should have put on the guts of three stone. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.


Off licenses throughout the Republic have seen business rise dramatically in recent days as people prepare for the upcoming festivities.

I've done me bit now with Dry January, I was nearly sober for the whole month. Other than the two weddings, the christening and the few pints I had at home I wouldn't have touched a drop. Wet February is the chance to get me reward for sticking to the plan.

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