The Money Hacks That Irish Students Really Need To Know

The Money Hacks That Irish Students Really Need To Know

Oh howiya January! So you're the reason why everybody's going around with faces liked smacked arses. Our bank accounts are running on empty and we'd be lying if we said we weren't panicking about how we were gonna get through the month. Ideally, a kind benefactor would appear out of nowhere and give us one hell of a helping hand when it comes to the significant expense of being a student.

Luckily, Circle is here to solve all of our money problems - just think of them as a financial guardian angel! Circle allows you to send money as easy as sending a text. And it's completely free.

Still waiting on that pint your mate owes you? No bother, just send them a request for it on Circle!

Here's how it works;

  1. Click this link to go to the Circle homepage
  2. Follow the steps and sign up to Circle
  3. Invite as many friends as you'd like
  4. Start sending cash free and easy

That's the basics of it. Now here a few more financial tips that you need to take into account as a student in Ireland.

1. Be Honest with Yourself - Is it Over?


Let's cut to the chase. Are they the one for you?

There we said it. It's in your mind now so have that chat with yourself and see what emotions start to bubble to the surface. Perhaps ripping the band-aid off early is the way to go. Relationships are horrid expensive altogether and Valentine's Day is coming up. With that in mind, this time of year is statistically the most popular for couples to part ways. Is it time?

For those of you who are powering through, Circle is a great way to split the cost of date night.


2. Netflix and Chill is not as Cheap as you Think


If you're not going to cut the chord with bae, than you should seriously consider cutting back on your overheads. Thinking you're saving a few bob with a nice cosy night in. Think again.

Netflix subscription. TV Licence (no laughing down the back). Take-away. Cheeky bottle of win. We don't know you intimately but chances are you're already living way beyond your means. Cop on.

What's wrong with just being romantic and staring into each other's eyes the whole night, huh?


Also, you'll score major cool points when everyone else is talking about what Netflix shows they're binge watching and they think you're a social butterfly who's out every night because you've nothing to contribute to the conversation. Win-win.


3. Head to Mass for the Cure 

Sore head, mouth like an arid dessert, the impending dread as memories from the night before start to flood back. 'Ah there you are hangover, with your creepy mate, The Fear. It's been a week since I seen ya last.' You might be tempted to get a fry into you or go the pub for a curer but really, only God can save you now.

Go to mass and pray that you'll be absolved of the fear. You'll have an hour in a safe place (the paranoia will NOT get you) and your parents will be so proud.


4. Get Paid


Obviously you'll want to get paid from your job but that's not what we're talking about here. Instead, this is another kind of scourge upon your life and finances.

Stingy mates.

A sneaky kebab here, an overdue ESB bill there and all of a sudden your friend is starting to live a fairly comfortable life off your hard work. You need to get paid back. Those few favours really begin to add up. Thankfully, Circle have you covered. Your stingy friend can pay you back as easily as sending a text. It's free. You get your money back. What are you waiting for?

And if none of that is relevant to you, we need to talk. You're the stingy mate and it's time to take a long hard look at yourself. Download Circle, get your friends involved and start making amends with cash.



5. Bring back the Chicken Fillet

There are new food trends popping up everywhere, Burritos are that little bit more pricey, and it can all add up. Go back to your roots. Go back to the pillar of Irish society.

Most college campuses tend to have a chicken fillet roll deal. €2, €3 at most, and you're sorted for the day. It's far from burritos you were reared.


6. Give up the Sauce


A popular choice, of course, is dry January. In a recent survey we carried out with Circle, 70% of Irish students said they would rather give up drink than their smartphone. Would it really be so bad to extend dry January for a bit longer?

A year off the sauce and things really start to look up when it comes to saving money.

You may be worried about social isolation but listen, there's nothing wrong with having a bit of you time. Become a social vampire and stay in all the time. Avoiding the world at all costs and all the spending that goes with it, isn't just financially wise, it's a mindfulness exercise. Just think all the things you'll learn about yourself. What way you take your cup of tea, how much TV you like to watch at night... it's a deep pool of insight.


7) Become a Circle Ambassador

Circle has a pretty impressive student ambassador programme that can really add a few euro to your pocket at the end of week. It's fairly easy. Just spread the word about how easy it is to pay friends (you just need a phone number) — and you get paid by Circle. Easy as that.

As students, it's not always easy to find jobs that work around lecture, study and loafing hours so the Circle ambassador programme is perfect for you.

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Niamh Burke

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