Tips and Tricks For Surviving Your College Lectures

Lectures are the bread and butter of college life, apart from the actual bread and butter that you'll be eating every day. Because you're broke. Irish students are notoriously poor with their lecture etiquette; surely it's like a normal class in school? Not so, my friend. Here are some more nuggets of wisdom from us. Use them well.

1) Don't Drink Your Morning Coffee When You Get Up

If you're a slave to the Gods of Caffeine, then you should really know this fact. Caffeine takes 20-30 minutes to get to work on your brain. So maybe wait until you're on the way to your 9am lecture if you're commuting, or 30 minutes before if you're living around campus. Don't thank us, thank Science.


A high-protein diet has been proven to increase brain function and concentration. So crack them eggs, fire up the barbecue, get huge and get your education. Mental and physical gains.

3) Forget About Note-Taking

Lecturers are always complaining about the lack of audience participation from undergrads. And it's not just aimed at the blank, slowly-dying, hungover faces staring back at them. The more studious among us are so concerned with transcribing every word the lecturer has to say, they ignore the real point of why they're there. Get your head out of the notebook, get your hands in the air (wave 'em like you just don't care) and annoy the bejaysus out of your classmates.

4) Have a Kit-Kat

Whether the lecturer gives the class a 10 minute break or not, take your own 5 minutes to re-focus. Sit in the jacks and Tinder away because you and I both know that's what you'll be doing...

5) When All Else Fails, Binge-Watch

You dragged yourself out of bed for your 9am lecture on the wettest, poxiest Monday morning the world has ever seen. You timed your caffeine intake to perfection, you took a 5 minute Tinder break and you tried your very best to participate in the class. But there's still an hour and a half left and you're having none of it. Plug the earphones in, crack open the laptop and let Prison Break, Modern Family and Breaking Bad carry you through this one. You deserve it, kid.

Tom Quinn
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