Top 10 Breaking Bad Moments So Far

Finally, all that time between Season 5 part 1 and Season 5 part 2 has passed- it is but a week till the final run begins!

Now, if anything defined my hapless, jobless Summer of 2012- it was this show. A friend introduced it to me and I watched it through June, July and August, from Season 1 right through to the end of Season 5, part one. It wass the most gripping and thrilling show I have seen since Dan Schneider’s Zoey 101 and I would advise anyone with an interest in drug dealing to hop on the train. So, since we only have eight episodes left until the end and since they’re coming this August 11th (or morning of 12th to us waiting to download them), I thought people would be interested in looking back on ten of what I consider top, shocking, action-packed, tense and emotional moments from the show thus far. Warning- if you haven’t seen all episodes up to date- look away- spoilers coming.


10.) Walt Breaks Bad- Season One

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) has just begun his foray into the world of meth production when partner Jesse (Aaron Paul) is brutally beaten by high, drug lord Tuco. Walt effectively becomes “Heisenberg” when he strikes fear into the heart of Tuco- blowing up half of his “office” (with need for a better word). Who could forget the look on Tuco’s face upon hearing “this is not meth.”


9.) Hank and Jesse- Season Three

For the most part, Season Three proved rather dull in comparison to the first two. This being the show it is however, meant that there was always something to gasp at. Hank- Walt’s brother-in-law and DEA titan- comes to suspect Jesse’s involvement in meth production. He tracks him to the trailer park where Jesse and Walt are hiding in their old RV. Waiting for a permit, the drug making duo outsmart him by faking a call revealing his wife has been hospitalised. When he realises she hasn’t- it is too late and the RV has been destroyed- so, Hank- ever the collective and calm man- simply goes to Jesse’s house and beats him within an inch of his life! This obviously has a number of repercussions such as Hank’s suspension and anxiety for Walt who wishes to keep himself as far away from DEA suspicion as possible- overall though, it was just thrilling to see Hank lose his temper.

8.) Skyler leaves Walt- Season Two

It is not until Season Three that Skyler discovers Walt’s secret business but her decision to leave Walt was adamant at the end of Season Two. This was really one of the moments the show was leading up to- and it changes its dynamic completely. Skyler has come to suspect Walt has been lying to her- about his absence when he was kidnapped by Tuco and about a second mobile phone (which he grumbles about while in sedation). It is the end of the line for Walt- and though he offers to tell her everything- it is too late- she know longer wishes to know. Was she right to leave him? Or was she just being annoying again? It was a thought provoking moment but for the most part- the latter choice would have it-

7.) Mike meets his end- Season Five


Mike rose to prominence in Seasons Three and Four as the obedient, non questioning henchman of Gus Fring. He even helped to get Jesse back on the right road and sorted out his and Walt’s affairs in recent episodes. With the DEA on his every move though; he had had enough and so reasonably decided to call it a day. This was of course much to the chagrin of Walt- who needed Mike- and in a moment of blind rage, shot him dead! It was a shocking moment because Mike had come to the forefront so much recently and because Walt acted without precision of thought, realising only as Mike was dying, that he could do business through his associate, Lydia. It was a pointless murder on the one hand; but also an indication of the fact that Walt had simply gone to a place where he could no longer be saved.

6.) Jane’s timely demise- Season Two

Jane was not one of my favourite characters- she was a good one but also despicable. Thanks to her, Jesse was led down the road of heroin, which in a series of unfortunate events led to Walt missing the birth of his second child whilst trying to get a drug deal done with Gus. Walt and Jesse argue because Walt withholds his half of the money- leading to Jane blackmailing Walt for it. Wishing to keep his identity a secret, Walt surrenders the money before walking out on Jesse. Naturally, Jesse and Jane take more heroin. Walt, upset by the rift goes to visit Jesse, only to find him asleep- he sees Jane roll over and begin to asphyxiate (choke on her own vomit) - and he simply watches! Okay... so that is a lot to take in, a necessary context- but why is this a top moment you may ask? It firstly shows Walt’s ruthlessness and secondly, changes the course of where Jesse will go, in the following season. It also raises questions, like whether Walt did this to save Jesse in the long run? Or as an act of revenge?

5.) Gale’s Murder- Season Three


Gale’s murder was a necessary one, not of revenge or emotion- but strictly business. Walt has acted without authority, but out of loyalty to Jesse- killing the men who murdered Jesse’s new girlfriend’s kid cousin- who had acted as a dealer under them and previously killed Jesse’s friend, Combo (easy enough, right?)- thus leading to Mike having to kill Walt. The meth duo are ahead of things though and Walt hastily calls Jesse to tell him to kill Gale- meaning that as the only meth producer left, his life cannot be taken! This will trigger a feud between Walt and Gus- it will also change Walt’s level of security- for he has now become a pariah in Fring’s business. Gale’s murder was also a tense moment for Jesse, who finds it hard to kill- he is scarred by this (see below). Survival  has simply become a key instinct- for things have become more dangerous than ever!

4.) Hank and the Salamancas- Season Three

Hank is a favourite amongst many fans of the series. It was disheartening to witness his fall from grace in the Third Season, but at least he went down with a fight. The Salamanca brothers went out to avenge their cousin Tuco by taking out the man responsible for his death. A quick tip off alerted Hank to their arrival and what ensued was all out catastrophe, resulting in an incapacitated Hank and the death of the brothers (one later on). It was a heart-racing, viscous event which shook the show!

3.) Lily of the Valley- Season Four


The last shot of the fourth season was perhaps the most monumental of any of the seasons. It showed a plant; which Jesse revealed has poisoned Brock, the son of his girlfriend. It was the moment which conveyed the lengths Walt was willing to go to, in order to achieve his goals. By making Jesse believe that Gus had poisoned Brock, Walt was able to gain his trust and take out the drug lord. Walt had proved himself ambitious and resilient before, but the fact that this former teacher of Science was ready to risk a child’s life startled all. It is still shrouded in some level of mystery however; for Jesse remains ignorant of Walt’s actions. Hopefully, it will be addressed further, for there is certainly some chemistry to be drawn from this!

2.) Gus’s Death- Season Four

This is really more than a single defining moment- it is comprised of a series of moments leading up to it. Walt goes to great lengths to assassinate the drug lord, in order to provide security for himself and his family. Jesse fails to plant poison in his coffee, so Walt tries to blow up his car. This also fails however, for Gus is naturally suspicious at all times. So, Walt decides to team up with Tuco Salamanca’s uncle, Hector- placing an explosive on him. Hector is out for revenge too, having lost his association to Gus and agrees to undertake this suicide mission. It is a perfect moment- Gus discovers what is happening just before it does; a minute too late. Gus then calmly walks out of Hector’s ward and it seems as if he is alright, before the camera pans around and reveals the new Two-Face! Please watch below.

1.) Heisenberg’s Identity- Season Five

And so this countdown has come to an end! The top moment is the most recent; jolting for fans of the show- what it has been building up to really. You may be asking, what could this be? This final moment. Well, without further ado, let’s look at the top moment of this top ten moment countdown of the hit TV show, Breaking Bad... And this top moment is none other than the moment in which Hank finally unveils the identity of Blue-Crystal juggernaut, Heisenberg- the man he’s been chasing all this time. It is greatly done- because it is a complete accident. Hank, sitting down on the toilet, opens up a book to find an inscription from Gale to Walt, his real W.W.- who Walt had previously told Hank, with regards to Gale’s notebook, stood for Walt Whitman. Hank now understands that the man he has been hunting this whole time was his brother-in-law, which begs the question; what will happen next? It is a teasing cliff-hanger; but an interesting one to work with.



Compiled by Andrew and Matthew Carolan

Andrew Carolan
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Andrew (b. 1991) is the main music-editor. When not correcting the haphazard grammar of his brother and co-editor Matthew, Andrew enjoys listening to old rock and pop music, thinking about his favourite animals and playing piano.

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